What is CARE?

CARE (Communicate, Acknowledge, Respect, Educate) is a resource for faculty, staff, and students to:

  • Understand how we can respect each other's health and well-being at school;
  • Keep up with efforts to combat systemic racism and pursue equity, diversity, and inclusion at Owen; and
  • Avail themselves of curated educational resources offered across the University.

Finally, CARE is a reminder of the work that needs to be done now and in the years ahead to make meaningful progress toward an equitable and just community.


We need to provide regular updates on policies, progress, and resources in order to empower our community members. Keep up to speed with University and Owen-specific health guidelines and learn what the administration and different organizations are doing at Owen to advance our efforts in equity, diversity, and inclusion and keep our school healthy and safe.


Owen’s Strategic Plan states: A diverse and inclusive community is an essential element of the Owen experience. We need to acknowledge that we have not done enough in the past to achieve this essential element and take action to combat racism and foster principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our community. As we move urgently and thoughtfully to correct past mistakes and live up to our mission, we need to recognize our wins and our mistakes, and we need to celebrate the people behind the wins.


We need to respect each other's opinions and perspectives to grow as a community and individuals. We also need to respect the protocols and procedures designed to keep us safe during the pandemic.


We need to educate ourselves in areas not traditionally associated with business school coursework to combat racism, address systemic issues related to equity and justice, and navigate the post COVID-19 business world. To that end, we are offering new curated resources through our libraries, collecting faculty expertise, and enhancing our curriculum to incorporate these pressing issues.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Owen is committed to combatting racism and vastly improving equity, diversity, and inclusion at our school. 

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Health and Safety

The latest information on Health and Safety at Vanderbilt and Owen, including protocols, academic calendars, and more. 

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Vanderbilt has multiple resources available to assist all students. The key element is the Office of Student Care Coordination, located in Sarratt Student Center. Walk in for a visit, call them at 615-343-WELL (9355), email at studentcare@vanderbilt.edu, or fill out an intake form.

The Owen Emergency Student Fund serves to provide help to students who encounter short-term financial emergencies. Click on the link in the menu to apply, or learn more about the fund by clicking here


Faculty and Staff wishing to report an incident should call 615-343-9336 or email eeooinfo@vanderbilt.edu.

CARE Newsletter

The CARE Newsletter keeps students, faculty, and staff up to date regularly throughout the school year. 

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