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How I Got The Job: Finance Leadership Development Program, Amazon

Feb 24, 2020
Mai Pham (MBA'20) used her Vanderbilt MBA to transition from public accounting to finance leadership at Amazon

By Mary-McKenzie Grier

Mai Pham (MBA'19)

Mai Pham (MBA’20)

Originally from Vietnam, Mai Pham (MBA’20) began her career in public accounting. After several years in the workforce, she decided to enroll in an MBA program to help expand her opportunities. “I want to pivot my experience in finance into a more forward looking role and have better visibility about the business… that is the reason I decided to (get) an MBA,” she said.

Pham says the diverse and experienced community at Vanderbilt Business gave her the knowledge and network she needed to explore a variety of internships and career fields. Throughout the recruitment process, she relied on her classmates, professors, and mentors for professional advice and comradery. “It has been a memorable journey for me. The biggest part of Owen — I think for most people, if you talk to them here — is that we really enjoy the community,” said Pham. 

Pham accepted a summer finance internship with Mattel between her first and second years. After wrapping up the internship, Pham decided to redirect her career path. While continuing her MBA classes, she recruited again in the fall, landing a position in the Finance Leadership Development Program at Amazon. Pham says she is thrilled to be returning to the West Coast after graduation.

Click through Pham’s timeline below to find out how she landed the offer.

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