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Meeting You Where You Are

Nov 18, 2020
A welcome statement from the new Alumni Board Chair, Mac Worsham (MBA'93)

By Mac Worsham (MBA'93), Alumni Board Chair

Mac Worsham

I am honored and thrilled to be following in the footsteps of Emily Baker Tobin (BA’87, MBA’92) as chair of the Owen Alumni Board. Emily’s message of “coming home” to Owen resonated with me, and I look forward to extending this invitation to our community.

It took nearly twenty years for me to reconnect with Owen after graduation. Once I did, I realized how much my time at Owen shaped me, and how I can still learn and draw inspiration from our network of successful, innovative, and thoughtful alumni worldwide. It is my goal to help others reconnect with our community and re-engage with Owen.

Engagement can take so many forms. Hosting or attending a Closing Bell — whether virtually for now, or in person, when we resume — can yield networking and personal connections that further your career or reconnect you with classmates who become lifelong friends. Coordinating with the amazing faculty and teams at Owen to speak about your professional experience can inspire students to follow a career pathway they hadn’t yet considered. Writing a letter to a prospective student about how much your Owen experience has added to your life might be the deciding factor that brings an emerging leader to our school. Philanthropic engagement helps support Owen’s faculty, expand our programming, and provide scholarships that allow us to recruit broadly and ensure that extraordinary, diverse students continue to find their place at our school. And financial contributions also make possible our highest ambitions, like the upcoming renovation and expansion of Management Hall. Whatever form it may take, any level of engagement you choose influences current students to stay connected with Owen following graduation and encourages other alumni to reconnect with Owen and each other.

Over the past month, I have connected with each alumni board member to hear their thoughts on what motivates them and how we can build on our successes and better serve our alumni community. I look forward to sharing this discovery process with you as we chart the alumni board’s path forward, and I encourage you to reach out at any time with your ideas, feedback, questions, and, concerns.

Our Owen community is deeply ingrained in every major city in the U.S., and we are putting strategies in place for strengthening international networking. I believe the best way to engage all our alumni is to meet them where they are — geographically, professionally, or personally. As your alumni board chair, I will dedicate myself to helping all of us find meaningful ways to connect with our fellow alumni and with our school.

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