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Vanderbilt Executive Education Announces Spring 2023 Programs

Jan 20, 2023
5 Vanderbilt Business short programs focus on leadership, communication, foundational business skills, and more this spring.

By Lacie Blankenship

Vanderbilt Executive Education is excited to offer 5 on-campus short programs this spring: Persuasive & Influential Speaking, Executive Leadership, Negotiation Skills for Managers, Speaking the Language of Business, and Five Practices of an Impactful Leader. These programs are designed to help participants pursue professional growth and improve professional development skills. Limited seats are available for each program, and early registration is encouraged to avoid the waitlist.

Jon Lehman“Vanderbilt Executive Education courses change career trajectories,” says Jon Lehman, Faculty Director. “Participants have the opportunity to develop invaluable skills and refine what they already know.”  

Read more for details on our upcoming programs

Persuasive & Influential Speaking (February 2-3)

Improve your professional communication speaking skills, no matter the managerial or executive situation, through this unique 2-day program taught by Kimberly Pace, Professor for the Practice of Communication. By analyzing speech style strengths and weaknesses, attendees will leave this program with the confidence to achieve their communication goals.

Participants can expect to learn skills for various scenarios, including effective crisis communication, clear and concise presentations, vocal techniques (tone, pitch, diction, etc.), and more. 

This program is beneficial to C-Suite executives, rising senior leaders expecting to advance to the C-Suite in the next year, managers wanting to refine their leadership, entrepreneurs thrust into leadership positions, and board members that guide senior executives. 

To learn more about Persuasive & Influential Speaking, click here.

Executive Leadership (February 22-24)

Conducted by Mark Cannon, Associate Professor of Education Leadership and Management, and Professor of Human and Organizational Development, this 3-day program will leave you equipped to lead more effectively and achieve professional and organizational goals. 

Participants will walk away with ideas and techniques to become stronger leaders who can build a shared vision, improve teamwork, and increase productivity. The program will discuss strategic ways to motivate others, advise on leading change efficiently, and guide participants in developing their personal action plans to maximize organizational impact. 

This program is beneficial to C-Suite executives, board directors, mid-level managers, and rising supervisors. 

To learn more about Executive Leadership, click here.

Negotiation Skills for Managers (March 21-22) 

This program, taught by Jamie Leddin, Lecturer, teaches an analytic framework that can help you think more clearly about negotiations and become a better negotiator. 

Participants will walk away with ideas and techniques including ways for managing negotiations, how to work through disputes and build consensus, identify and recognize tactics, leverage strengths, and approach multi-party and team negotiations. 

This program is beneficial to senior executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers of all levels, and rising supervisors. 

To learn more about Negotiation Skills for Managers, click here

Speaking the Language of Business (April 12-14)

Gain the foundational knowledge you need to understand the numbers and speak the language of business. Through a series of discussions, exercises, and case studies, led by Rita Gunn and Hunter Land, Assistant Professors of Accounting, participants will discover the meaning of the numbers and learn how to use company financial data to build effective strategies for managing company financial resources.

Participants will walk away with new knowledge on proactively addressing financial risks and interpreting financial strength. The program will help participants develop the skills necessary to increase cash cycles and unlock financial disclosures. 

This program is beneficial to small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, operations managers, technology/product-line managers, and rising supervisors with budgetary responsibilities. 

To learn more about Speaking the Language of Business, click here.

Five Practices of an Impactful Leader (April 18-19) 

The insights you gain from Five Practices of an Impactful Leader will propel you to the next phase of your leadership journey and beyond. This program is a unique opportunity to learn directly from Patrick Leddin, Associate Professor of the Practice of Business Studies and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. 

Participants will discover their purpose and learn the power of mindset. They will walk away inspired and with plans that raise the bar.

This program is beneficial to all professionals in leadership positions or aspiring to take on leadership roles. 

To learn more about Five Practices of an Impactful Leader, click here

To read more about the future of Vanderbilt Executive Education from Lehman’s perspective, click here

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