Why a new website?

The site has been designed to better meet user expectations and behavior. It offers a far better user-experience and performs well on smart phones and mobile devices.  In addition, the site should significantly improve our ability to create awareness for our school and present a compelling story:  it has been optimized for SEO and the content has been built to better  "show and tell" the stories of this amazing place.


What's with this new url -

This url was chosen to help us improve our standing in organic internet search results.  Very few people starting to look for a business school know to search on the word "Owen."  Conversely, there are thousands who search on the word "business."


What will happen to our old website

If someone attempts to visit the home page (or any other page) on our old website, they will be automatically redirected to an equal or better page on our new website.


I like/don't like, have a question/a complaint about the new website. How do I let you know?

Just click on this WebSite Hotline link and let us know what is on your mind.


Why do we refer to the school as "Vanderbilt Business" on the new website?

The Vanderbilt brand is exceptionally strong and we hear often from students and alumni that we can do a far better job of leveraging it.  By referring to the school as Vanderbilt Business, prospective students - near and far - will more likely recognize the name of our school and conjure up all of the good imagery they have for our amazing mothership institution.  Don't get us wrong: Owen is still a very important name....but, it has most meaning for those who are already in (or soon will be) part of the community.


What the heck happened to Owen Central?  

OwenCentral was originally built as a page on BlackBoard which - as of July 31, 2017 - is no longer in use at Vanderbilt.  We needed a new home.  We chose to re-envision it and build it so that it is far easier to use and to maintain.  You can find the new OwenCentral here. 


What will happen to my blog/website that lives on

It depends.

  • Student club wordpress sites will go away since all student club websites will be housed within the university's Anchorlink site. (MarComm will no longer support student club sites.)
  • Other sites - blogs, conferences, personal faculty sites that are not student clubs - will stay where they are for now. At some point, we will bring these underneath the new url but we will give you ample notice as we prepare to make that transition.


Where can I find _______?

You should find the navigation on the new site fairly intuitive with many favorite links at the top right hand corner or in the "fat footer".  If you don't find what you are looking for there, you can locate it on this site map. (Hint: there is a link to the site map in the website footer, directly underneath our address in the lower right hand corner.)


How do I post to the new Community Calendar?

Check in with the calendar manager Tara Taylor in MarComm.  She can be reached at 

P.S.  FAQ for Faculty & Staff Only



Is there anything I need to do right now?

Yes.  Bookmark the new location of OwenCentral and the Community Calendar.  And change your email signature to something along the lines of:

  • Name
  • Vanderbilt University
    Owen Graduate School of Management
    401 21st Avenue South
    Nashville, TN 37203
  • Phone Number
  • (optional) url of a website landing page you wish to promote
  • (optional) follow us on social media

And, while there is no huge hurry, next time you order business cards, update the website url.


I need a new photo. I want to update my bio. What to do? What to do?

Staff - all requests go to Ann Robinson in MarComm.

Faculty - all requests go to Cheryl Bates in the Dean's office.


As you review the site, chances are you will find some kinks...some of which we know about; others, not.  Rest assured that we will always been working on this site...eliminating kinks, improving performance, enhancing functionality.

My website is a living, breathing thing. And, as such, it will never be done. And, that's OK.

Hannah ParamoreFounder & President, Paramore Digital

Questions? Comments? Something to Report?