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Staying in Nashville to Get Back Home

Vandy grad leverages MSF to land ‘dream job’ in Minnesota

Alex Rice-Slothower
Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2021

Alex Rice-Slothower knew he wanted more exposure to the field before embarking on his finance career. And as a Vanderbilt undergraduate, not only was the MSF program at Owen already on his radar — “everyone I talked to in the year before me had great things to say,” he recalls — but he also already had come to love the campus and the city of Nashville. A scholarship offer cinched his decision.

At Vanderbilt, Alex also was able to remain involved with TOM, an organization he co-founded during his undergrad years to create assistive technology for persons with disabilities. Even more, however, he was looking ahead to his business future. The program, he says, “is the perfect blend of education and professional launchpad. It is shaping the way I view my career path and the goals I want to set for myself.”

Even after just one mod, he notes, “I already felt more prepared, confident and organized. The program taught me a lot about self-motivation and self-discipline, and I’ve been fortunate enough to secure my dream job” (he landed a position with McKinsey back home in Minneapolis) through the program’s recruitment strategy.”

The 2020-21 academic year wasn’t an easy time to be a student. “Even though we’re in a global pandemic,” Alex says, “I think the way that Vandy has handled the crisis is really remarkable. The fact that we were able to attend classes in person and still socialize a decent amount shows how much Vandy cares about student life and experience.”

Fun Fact: Alex plays tenor sax for a band back home in the Twin Cities area and for a jazz combo in Nashville.

The program is the perfect blend of education and professional launchpad.