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Business Essentials for Managers

This program is delivered in partnership with Coursera—an innovator and leader in the online education industry. It is designed for aspiring or practicing managers who want to refresh and strengthen their professional skills. The classes offer MBA-level content yet are designed for working professionals regardless of background, education or experience, although a bachelor's or associate's degree is recommended.

When you complete this program, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Engage in and influence strategic business decisions
  • Evaluate a firm’s financial performance
  • Drive the adoption of great ideas
  • Design and lead successful projects
  • Manage risk effectively
  • Practice highly effective self and team leadership techniques

Four courses | 4 to 5 hours per week | 6 months to complete

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Strategic Innovation Toolkit

Understand the forces that limit innovation and identify barriers in your business culture.


  • Generate, assess, and implement great ideas in your organization
  • Build your organization’s capacity for innovation, including creating an innovative culture
  • Lead innovation projects, processes, and teams
  • Recognize big issues lurking on the horizon before they become constraints
  • Drive adoption of great ideas
  • Develop and manage an innovation portfolio
  • Innovate to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-changing landscape


  • David Owens, Professor for the Practice of Management and Innovation

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Accounting and Finance Toolkit

This course gives you a firm grounding in both the theory and practical application of finance and accounting for general management, corporate planning, sales, and other functional areas, as well as broad exposure to some of the most important principles of financial decision-making.


  • Utilize financial concepts to make better-informed financial decisions
  • Apply finance principles to valuing capital investments, applying decision-making criteria for multi-period cash flows, and constructing cash flow forecasts
  • Evaluate your firm’s performance by recognizing the three main types of financial statements, their characteristics and development over time, and the relationships between them.


  • Bill Christie, Frances Hampton Currey Professor of Management in Finance
  • Paul Chaney, E. Bronson Ingram Professor in Accounting

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Operations Management and Strategy Toolkit

This course will give you the confidence to make smarter business decisions and lead strategic change using time-tested processes and tools. We’ll cover the fundamentals of designing and executing a business strategy, measuring results, managing operations and improving processes, and running successful projects that support your business goals.


  • Plan and implement a business strategy from start to finish
  • Analyze both the external and internal context of your firm using established analytical frameworks - Identify sources of competitive advantage
  • Align functional strategies with corporate strategies
  • Measure success—and distinguish good metrics from bad metrics
  • Analyze and improve manufacturing and service processes
  • Use time-tested tools such as process flow diagrams and queuing theory
  • Design and lead successful projects that support your organizational strategy
  • Create a work breakdown structure, uncertainty assessment, network diagram, Gantt chart schedule, and communication plan for your project
  • Close your project effectively


  • Eric Johnson, Ralph Owen Dean and Bruce D. Henderson Professor of Strategy
  • Nancy Lea Hyer, Associate Professor of Operations Management
  • Mumin Kurtulus, Associate Professor of Operations Management
  • Brian McCann, Associate Professor of Strategic Management

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Leadership Toolkit

Establish yourself in a leadership role and align your actions and behaviors with how you want to be perceived. This course is composed of three modules: managing self, managing others, and leading efforts for change. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of how your leadership can make an impact on your organization—and a set of sharpened skills to help you accomplish your goals.


  • Manage teams and foster effective decision-making
  • Create and communicate a vision for workplace change
  • Build coalitions that work
    Master the art of self-management
  • Develop and manage your executive personal brand
  • Improve your executive presence online, in email and on voicemail
  • Become a more persuasive presenter


  • Ray Friedman, Brownlee O. Currey Professor of Management
  • Ranga Ramanujam, Professor of Management
  • Kimberly Pace, Professor for the Practice of Communication

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Flexible Options and Pricing

With Vanderbilt Business Online Learning, you can choose when and where you wish to study. In addition, the program has been created to offer even more flexibility.

  • Choose the number of courses you wish to take - from one to all four
  • Study at your own pace
  • Pay only $49 per month, until completion
  • No upfront or cancellation fees; no minimum commitment; cancel at any time

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