You’ll learn the six most common constraints on innovation in organizations—that is, the six ways that creative thinking is usually sabotaged before it can produce results. You’ll learn the barriers to creativity in both individual and group settings, plus discover which stakeholders are actively invested in stopping your ideas in their tracks. Finally, we’ll teach you the societal and technical constraints to overcome in fostering a forward-thinking culture.

You’ll explore case studies and participate in interactive exercises that illuminate the keys to building a culture of innovation. You’ll leave this course with an understanding of how to:

  • Generate, assess, and implement great ideas in your organization
  • Build your organization’s capacity for innovation
  • Lead innovation projects, processes, and teams
  • Recognize big issues lurking on the horizon before they become constraints
  • Drive adoption of great ideas
  • Develop and manage an innovation portfolio

This course will help you overcome the major barriers to innovation everywhere you find them.

PRICE: $995 per course

Includes online access to all course content, projects

TIME COMMITMENT: approximately 12.5 HOURS

Program Details


Course content in this program is all online and available from anywhere.
Content includes:

  • Pre-recorded video experiences
  • Short, targeted online readings
  • Practice exercises and quizzes
  • Challenging peer-reviewed projects with additional expert feedback
  • Interactive discussion forums


  • 2-3 hours per week
  • 2 months to complete each course


  • First time and aspiring managers. All industries
  • Heads of learning and development at corporations

Whether you are feeling a bit lost in your current business role, want to improve your business knowledge, or are simply aiming for a promotion at work, this curriculum will propel you to be a better manager and to speak, and understand, the language of business – regardless of your background, education, or experience level. This program was specially developed to deliver management education on a personal scale—personal attention, paired with a deeper understanding of your needs.


in a certificate?

Complete all 4 courses in an 8-month time period to receive a CERTIFICATE in BUSINESS STRATEGY.


All Courses taught by world-renowned Vanderbilt Faculty