This course is composed of three modules about managing self, managing others, and leading efforts for change. You’ll complete a capstone project on organizational change that tests your skills in a variety of simulated situations, and you’ll receive detailed feedback about your efforts. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of how your leadership can make an impact on your organization—and a set of sharpened skills to help you accomplish your goals.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Master the art of self-management
  • Develop and manage your executive personal brand
  • Improve your executive presence online, in email and on voice mail
  • Become a more persuasive presenter
  • Use body language effectively and overcome stage fright
  • Manage your reputation effectively
  • Manage teams and foster good decision-making
  • Create and communicate a vision for workplace change
  • Build coalitions that work

Most of all, you’ll learn to develop your own unique strengths—and make more meaningful, authentic connections with others.

PRICE: $995 per course

Includes online access to all course content, projects

TIME COMMITMENT: approximately 17 hours

Program Details


Course content in this program is all online and available from anywhere.
Content includes:

  • Pre-recorded video experiences
  • Short, targeted online readings
  • Practice exercises and quizzes
  • Challenging peer-reviewed projects with additional expert feedback
  • Interactive discussion forums


  • 2-3 hours per week
  • 2 months to complete each course


  • First time and aspiring managers. All industries
  • Heads of learning and development at corporations

Whether you are feeling a bit lost in your current business role, want to improve your business knowledge, or are simply aiming for a promotion at work, this curriculum will propel you to be a better manager and to speak, and understand, the language of business – regardless of your background, education, or experience level. This program was specially developed to deliver management education on a personal scale—personal attention, paired with a deeper understanding of your needs.


in a certificate?

Complete all 4 courses in an 8-month time period to receive a CERTIFICATE in BUSINESS STRATEGY.


All Courses taught by world-renowned Vanderbilt Faculty