David C. Parsley

David C. Parsley

E. Bronson Ingram Professor in Economics and Finance, Emeritus

Research Interests/Areas of Expertise

Exchange rates, Globalization, Federal Reserve policy.

Subject Areas

Strategy and Business Economics



David C. Parsley's distinguished record of achievement in the field of international finance spans both the academic and government communities.

Awards & Accomplishments

Professor Parsley has recently been an invited Research Fellow at the South African Reserve Bank, the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research, the International Monetary Fund, Goethe University, and the Central Banks of France and Japan.


Professor Parsley has taken on several leading roles at Owen, including roles on the MBA program committee, Faculty Recruitment Committee, and Global Studies Committee, where he has also served as Chair.


Professor Parsley has published in leading journals such as Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Economic Journal, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of International Economics, Quarterly Journal of EconomicsJournal of Accounting and Economics, and Journal of International Money and Finance.


Professor Parsley teaches courses in Managing a Global Enterprise, Business in the World Economy, and a Seminar on Monetary and Fiscal Policies.

Research Interests

Professor Parsley’s research interests are in the fields of international finance and trade, international corporate finance, and macroeconomics. More specifically, the economics of exchange rates, goods and capital markets integration, Central Bank behavior, and international price parity are the core of his research. More recently, he has been studying the value and consequences of political connections - both in the U.S., and abroad.

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