Business Management Certificate

An esteemed credential that builds, strengthens, and refines strategic business skills.

The Vanderbilt Business Management Certificate is made for professionals who want to gain a competitive advantage, increase their value within their organization, and build their personal brand.

Four faculty-led courses build a foundation of business and leadership skills that are readily adaptable to your unique role and career goals. You can finish your certificate in one year or less, even while working full-time. Class content is presented in short segments that can be consumed on your schedule.

The following courses offer MBA-level content developed for professionals regardless of background, education, or experience.

Online/Asynchronous Courses
Strategic Leadership
Strategic Innovation
Strategy and Operations
Finance and Accounting

These courses are also available to take individually, but you must take all four to earn the Vanderbilt Business Management Certificate.

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Healthcare Management Certificate

Designed by healthcare experts to elevate practitioners into leaders.

The Vanderbilt Healthcare Management Certificate is designed to give healthcare practitioners the much needed skills to take on management and leadership roles. 

This course is designed to address the needs of emerging leaders working in a wide range of healthcare settings. The course focuses on 2 main themes: managing healthcare organizations and leading healthcare teams. You can finish your certificate in 3 months, even while working full-time. Class content is presented in short segments that can be consumed on your schedule.

The entire course consists of 16 modules delivered in 3 months. It also features 3 synchronous, live sessions, which will be recorded. Participants are encouraged to attend at least 2 live sessions in order to connect with peers and industry professionals in addition to taking away concepts and skills that you can apply to your career.

Modules focus on these key areas: 

Managing Healthcare OrganizationsLeading Healthcare Teams
Understanding the SystemUnderstanding Self
Facility Economics Leading Others
Operating the DepartmentLeading the Organization

Graduates of this program may pursue roles such as team lead, supervisor, manager, or director of various healthcare departments, clinics, and physician practices. Participants may also stay at their current level in the organization, and over time take on higher-level responsibilities.

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Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability

Merge purpose and profit by mastering sustainability to boost your company's bottom line and ensure long-term relevance.

In today's digital landscape, where every interaction carries significant weight and social media wields the power to redefine a brand, sustainability is no longer optional—it's a business necessity. Confronted by evolving environmental, societal, and economic imperatives, the critical question for organizations is not whether to incorporate sustainability into their strategy, but how best to do so. 

That's where the Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability comes in, developed in collaboration between Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management and the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business.

Designed for organizations committed to keeping their teams at the forefront, this 10-week online certificate program covers essential areas including:

  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Emerging Trends
  • Market Drivers
  • Consumer and Business Behaviors

The course structure is built into 10 modules where participants will engage in collaborative discussions with peers and industry experts within the classroom and during bi-weekly live lectures.

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