Areas of expertise include: Consumer behavior, scarcity, social influence, viral messaging and more

Jennifer Escalas: Consumer research, consumer narrative processing, emotional responses to advertising, using brands to meet psychological needs.

Brianna Escoe: Consumer emotions, consumer behavior, resource scarcity, compensatory consumption, viral messaging, cringe.

Kelly Goldsmith: Scarcity, uncertainty, consumer behavior, consumer psychology, goals, survey/experimental design, and self-regulation.

Kelly Haws: Food decision-making, consumer behavior, health-related decision-making, financial decision-making, self-control in consumption, behavioral pricing, consumer rewards.

Steve Hoeffler: Consumer products marketing, brand management, consumer behavior, marketing novel products, consumer preference development.

Dawn Iacobucci: Networks, customer satisfaction and service marketing, quantitative psychological research, high-dimensional data models.

Steven Posavac: Consumer and managerial decision making, advertising and persuasion, marketing and society, clinical consumer psychology.

Jen Riley: The changing landscape of higher education (student engagement, marketing pedagogy, building company case studies), professional sales and technology usage, digital marketing and social media, and women & diversity in marketing and sales.

Anthony Salerno: Consumer psychology, emotions and decision making, consumer behavior, goals, self-regulation, resource scarcity.

Eric VanEpps: Consumer behavioral decision making, managing impressions, healthier consumer decisions, informed consumer decisions. 

Freeman Wu: Aesthetics and product design, social influence and persuasion, social media, consumer behavior, product consumption, social perception.


Areas of expertise include: Financial markets, financial regulation, derivatives, hedge funds and more

Daniel Bias: Entrepreneurial finance, labor and finance, financial economist, data scientist, python, economic implications on public firms.

Nick Bollen: Hedge fund management, performance, and reporting; fraud detection in hedge funds, mutual funds.

Johan Cassel Pegelow: Private equity, venture capital, entrepreneurial finance, the impact of private equity ownership on portfolio companies, ability of minorities to raise private capital funds.

Peter Haslag: Labor markets, workforce migration, econometric techniques, U.S. equity market structure, mergers and acquisitions, labor market migration, human capital disclosure.

Wendy Liu: financial markets, bond markets, financial economics, MS Finance academic success and career development, corporate finance, investments, international finance. 

Jung Hoon Lee: Mutual funds, hedge funds, credit rating agencies (CRAs), investment behavior of affiliated funds of mutual funds, and financial regulation. 

Veronika Pool: Conflict of interest in hedge funds, mutual funds, and 401(k) plans, delegated portfolios.

Berk Sensoy: Entrepreneurial finance, investments, venture capital and private equity, empirical corporate finance.

Robert Whaley: Derivatives, market microstructure, financial engineering, corporate finance, financial markets, risk management, futures, market volatility. 

Joshua T. White: CEO pay disclosure, human capital disclosure, biotech startup financing, cryptocurrency, penny stocks, disclosure and securities regulation, former SEC Financial Economist.

Operations Management

Areas of expertise include: Aviation, automotive, retail, service industries, sports and more

Yasin Alan: Retail operations, supply chain management, grocery store operations, private label, airline operations, retailers' category and inventory management.

Hallie Sue Cho: New product development, technology management, consumer reviews, online product forums, on-line product forums.

Mumin Kurtulus: Retail supply chain management, retail operations, category management, collaborative forecasting, direct-store delivery, implications of private labels.

Michael Lapré: Learning curves, organizational learning, industry studies, improving longitudinal organizational performance, steel-cord manufacturing, airlines, semiconductor manufacturing, F1 racing, and FIFA World Cup.

Larry LeBlanc: Supply chain analysis, management science, reducing spreadsheet risk, spreadsheet optimization models, large-scale optimization models, telecommunication network design/analysis.

Jon Lehman: Entrepreneurship, private investing, health care, technology, education, health care management, corporate strategy, strategies for health care and health care information technology.

Organization Studies

Areas of expertise include: Diversity and inclusion, ethical and social issues, high-risk work environments, negotiations and more

Bruce Barry: Social issues in management (ethics, public policy, workplace rights), interpersonal and group behavior in organizations (power, influence, negotiation, conflict, and justice).

Ray Friedman: Negotiation, conflict management, emotions, Chinese negotiation, Chinese management, diversity (network groups, justice, race), email disputes, minority network groups, electronic mediation.

Jessica Kennedy: Negotiation, business ethics, organizational psychology, conflict resolution, diversity issues, identity, self-regulation, and power, gender, and hierarchy in work organizations.

Kendall Cox Park: Social enterprise, corporate social responsibility (CSR), strategic sustainability, leadership studies, ethics.

Rangaraj Ramanujam: Organizational errors, reliability, and operational failures, leadership, communication, learning processes, healthcare delivery organizations.

María del Carmen Triana: Diversity and discrimination in organizations, human resource management, organizational behavior, managing teams, project management.

Tim Vogus: Highly reliable performance, safety culture, health care, mindful organizing, neuro-diversity in the workplace, Frist Center for Autism and Innovation. 

Gabrielle Lopiano: Stigma, identity management, workplace diversity, discrimination, social hierarchy. 

Strategy & Business Economics

Areas of expertise include: AI, entrepreneurship, strategic innovation, technology and more

Mario Avila: Social enterprise, entrepreneruship, financial technology, ethics and social responsibility, real estate, impact investing.

Jesse A. Blocher: Data Science, AI, the intersection of business and data science, machine learning in finance. 

Michael R. Burcham: Entrepreneurship, health care, strategy, business economics, startup venture coaching, Nashville entrepreneurship, launching businesses, health innovation.

Mark A. Cohen: Law and economics, ethics and social responsibility, environmental regulation and disclosure policies, corporate crime and punishment.

Larry Van Horn: Health care management/economics, Vanderbilt health care community leader, health care markets, nonprofit conduct, healthcare outcomes.

Megan Lawrence: Management and organizational practices, organizational learning, firm adaptation, entrepreneurs as CEOs.

Brian McCann: Strategic management, entrepreneurship, managerial economics, firm agglomeration, ownership structure, threshold-based decision-making.

Kimberly Pace: Strategic communication, public relations, media relations, entrepreneurship, leadership development, personal branding, effective presentations, crisis communications. 

Sruthi Thatchenkery: Networks, competition, innovation, collaborative relationships in technology industries, regulatory changes in digital platforms, medical device startups.

Xi Kang: Firm adoption of technologies, organizational impact of new technology, AI, Future of Work, technology management, strategic human capital. 

Roxanne Jaffe: Strategy and international business, strategic location choice and agglomeration, industrial organization economics.

David Owens: Strategic innovation, new product design and development, organization design, service industries, social status. 

Cherrie Wilkerson: Specialized master's programs, financial modeling, leadership, and development of young professionals. 


Areas of expertise include: Corporate governance, earnings management, financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions and more

Paul Chaney: Auditor reputation, the quality of earnings, earnings management, and audit pricing.

Daniel Cohen: Corporate governance mechanisms, financial reporting, and disclosure decisions.

Rita Gunn: Mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, earn-outs, inversions, and financial reporting.

E. Scott Johnson: Tax consulting, taxation and managerial accounting, earnings management, investment transactions, federal taxation of business entities.

Hunter Land: Financial reporting, audit, and capital markets, underlying determinants and economic consequences of financial reporting decisions.

Catherine Lee: Political influence on financial statements, American Jobs Creations Act of 2004, corporate taxes, corporate tax cuts, financial statement analysis, investment banking, managerial decisions around financial reporting, regulation and standards, risk management.

Erik Olson: Real effects of accounting, corporate finance, agency theory, financial reporting, institutional investors, and taxation.

Richard Willis: Security analysts, earnings forecasts, firm disclosure, stock recommendations, and shareholder litigation.

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