Our Commitment

The leadership, faculty, staff, and students of Owen commit to the following:

  • To cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community that challenges us to embrace lifelong personal and professional growth;
  • To welcome a wide variety of viewpoints and engage thoughtfully and respectfully, even when doing so is uncomfortable;
  • To value differences in race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, mental or physical ability, and other such personal characteristics; and
  • To work towards removing systemic barriers to fulfilling our commitment.


There are a variety of organizations and initiatives across campus that support EDI efforts and our community members.

Insights and Resources

Explore Vanderbilt resources and insights from students, faculty, and staff on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Events at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt offers a variety of events around equity, diversity, and inclusion in on-campus and remote formats.

You Belong Here

Resources for Female Candidates

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Resources for International Candidates

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Resources for LGBTQIA+ Candidates

LGBTQI graduate business school students belong at Vanderbilt.

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Resources for Military


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Resources for Under-represented Students

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At Vanderbilt, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community. Because of that, we work with partners that will introduce us to diverse candidates, and we offer scholarships specifically for diverse prospective students.

Our affiliations with organizations such as the Forté Foundation for women; Management Leadership for TomorrowNational Black MBA Association, Prospanica, Admit.me Access and Association of Latino Professionals for America for underrepresented students; Military MBA and Service Academy Career Conference for military students; Reaching Out for LGBTQIA+ students and allies; and Graduate Horizons for Native Americans are just a few of the ways we reach out to ensure a diverse group of students.

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Business school is probably the single most significant investment you will make in your personal and professional development. We are committed to helping students afford our programs. See your program of interest for more details on specific scholarship options.

What our students say

"Building relationships and interacting with people from so many diverse backgrounds and cultures at Vanderbilt not only enriched my learning experience, it enriched my life. Both in and outside the classroom my thinking was challenged and now I have a broader view of the world."

Todd Johnson, Vanderbilt MBA under-represented minority student, shares about how his Vanderbilt MBA experience enriched his life.Todd Johnson
Chicago, Illinois

"As an international student from Venezuela, I found many opportunities at Vanderbilt to showcase my culture, experiences and leadership style in a very welcoming environment. Vanderbilt fosters a culture of inclusiveness where all ideas are respected."

Gaby Rios Plaza
Caracas, Venezula

"After coming to Owen from the Marines, I immediately felt a sense of belonging similar to the close-knit nature of the military. The team-oriented culture was very familiar, and I was happy to be involved with another high-caliber group of people who respect and value each other’s unique experiences while also looking out for one another."

Trevor Hunt, Vanderbilt MBA and former military in the U.S. Marine Corps, shares about the team-oriented culture at Vanderbilt.Trevor Hunt
United States Marine Corps