Certificate of Leadership Excellence

An esteemed credential made up of programs designed to help you achieve your goals as a leader.

Through a flexible combination of programs, the Vanderbilt Certificate of Leadership Excellence will help you build key skills and fulfill your potential as a leader. You’ll have the opportunity to learn, discuss, and experience both fundamentals of leadership and advanced approaches with distinguished academics and knowledgeable peers.

Earning the Vanderbilt Certificate of Leadership Excellence requires 9 Executive Credits. These credits can be earned through various programming and tailored to fit your learning objectives, timeframe, and preferred format. Credits are earned based on the length and format of our programming as follows:

Open Enrollment Programs: Live Online
3 Sessions2 Executive Credits
5 Sessions3 Executive Credits
Open Enrollment Programs: In-Person
2 Days2 Executive Credits
3 Days3 Executive Credits

You can choose any programs offered from the above categories* to earn the 9 Executive Credits needed for the Vanderbilt Certificate of Leadership Excellence. This flexibility allows you to build your certificate based on the specific aspects of leadership, strategy, and management you want to enhance. To see a list of upcoming programs, click here.

Save an average savings of 20% when you enroll in the Certificate of Leadership Excellence by paying $10,000 upfront or commit to paying the $10,000 over time. Completion of the certificate is required within 4 years.


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Almost immediately, I was able to apply several of the principles discussed in my current position. With continued review of the materials and lessons, I hope to fine-tune even more skills. The experience has given me a new perspective and even sparked some new ideas.

Josepha Cheong M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, University of Florida College of Medicine, Vanderbilt Certificate of Leadership Excellence