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Leading and Achieving Transformational Growth

Supercharge growth within your organization through this experiential 3-day program.

Accelerate your organization's trajectory with this course designed for executives and professionals seeking to drive substantial organizational growth. You will dive into the art of creating an environment where leadership, culture, and self-awareness converge to set the stage for breakthrough growth. You will gain expertise in formulating a strategic innovation approach meticulously aligned with your organization's goals and finely tuned to the subtleties of market demands.

Extending beyond theoretical understanding, this course emphasizes the practical skills necessary for designing and developing market-responsive offerings. Delve into the nuances of customer empathy and insights discovery, leveraging these to create solutions that resonate in the marketplace through focused concept exploration, solution prioritization, and prototyping techniques.

To ensure your creations achieve their intended impact, you will take a step further, learning strategies for driving adoption. You’ll grasp the know-how to secure internal buy-in and navigate the complexities of market introduction, including strategic planning and execution of product launches, coupled with the agility to adapt to market feedback and shifts. This comprehensive approach will equip you with the tools and insights necessary to innovate and effectively translate these cutting-edge developments into market success.

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What You Will Learn

After participating in this program, learners will be able to:

  • Cultivate an innovative environment by enhancing leadership, culture, and self-awareness, establishing a robust foundation for accelerated organizational growth.
  • Develop a strategic innovation strategy that is intricately aligned with organizational goals and responsive to market contexts, effectively driving growth and competitive advantage.
  • Design and develop market-driven offerings by understanding customer needs, applying insights, exploring concepts, prioritizing solutions, and prototyping—creating impactful solutions with enhanced product relevance and appeal.
  • Execute the process of driving adoption, effectively implementing strategies for gaining internal support and achieving market success, including executing successful product launches and adapting to market feedback for sustained growth and profitability.

Who Should Attend

This program is expertly crafted for professionals committed to enhancing their leadership skills, driving innovation, and passionately achieving sustainable growth in their organizations. It's ideal for those focused on strategic development, eager to lead innovative initiatives, and determined to guide their organizations to lasting success and prominence in the market.

Functional Heads, Departmental Leaders, and Customer Experience & Insights Professionals

Skilled leaders with cross-functional expertise in areas such as marketing, sales, product development, operations, customer experience, and customer insights, dedicated to devising and executing innovative, integrative strategies that drive organizational growth and success. These professionals excel in enhancing the customer journey, leveraging insights to improve customer engagement and satisfaction, and aligning teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Visionaries at the helm of small to medium-sized enterprises aiming to scale their businesses and establish a competitive edge in the market.

Innovation and Strategy Leaders

Those responsible for driving innovation and strategic initiatives within their organizations, including heads of innovation, strategy directors, leaders of corporate new ventures, and R&D leaders.

Consultants and Advisors

Accomplished professionals with expertise in advising businesses on strategic planning, innovation, and growth strategies.

Continuing Education Credits

21 hour(s) of continuing education

2.1 CEUs

This program has limited seats so please register early. If the program session becomes full, you will be notified if you must be placed on the wait list.

Scheduled Dates
Tuesday, May 14 - Thursday, May 16 2024
Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, Nashville, TN

401 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN

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Program at a Glance
Duration 3 Days
Program Fee $4,300

Cost includes tuition and instructional materials. Cancellation, Transfer, and Substitution Policy. 


Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, Nashville, TN

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What Participants Say

"This course has already led to the design of a new statewide initiative designed to help low-income and "first generation" students achieve the academic success necessary in the 21st Century economy."

 "I realized that innovation is not some foreign concept for companies like Google only; it is something that we can easily adopt in our companies."

"A great few days to reflect and refine your skills as a CEO or any other significant leader/influencer in your organization."


Todd A. McCullough
Adjunct Professor, Owen Graduate School of Management

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David Owens
Professor for the Practice of Management and Innovation

Dave Owens is a well-established authority on innovation and new product development who has lended his expertise to Fortune 500 companies and students alike.

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