Vivian Xiao

Vivian Xiao

Postdoctoral Scholar, Management


Vivian’s work explores how race and gender interact to impact a wide range of social and organizational outcomes, including leader evaluation and selection, politics, and gender-norm enforcement. She examines how perceivers’ and targets’ racial group memberships impact the formation and enforcement of gender norms, and the implications this has for career advancement and hierarchy reinforcement. In further work, she investigates how workers with minoritized identities engage with their work and their organizations and the outcomes this produces at both the individual and organizational levels.

Awards & Accomplishments

I received the Academy of Management's Best Symposium Award in the Organizational Behavior division in 2021. I have also received student research awards, honors, and grants from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, the Association of Psychological Science, and Stanford University.


One publication in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and one publication under review at Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.


In the spring, I will be teaching Diversity in Organizations in MBA program.

Research Interests

Diversity and inclusion, leadership, social hierarchy, and intersectionality.


B.A., Psychology and English, Rice University, 2016

Ph.D., Business Administration, Stanford University, 2022