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The percentage of Executive MBA students that report an increase in their leadership abilities at the end of the first year of the program.

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Ming "Winnie" Xiong

Senior Strategy Consultant, North Highland

When Winnie Xiong began her MBA studies at Vanderbilt, she came to a surprising epiphany. Despite her experience working with international colleagues at both large and small companies, she realized that she still viewed the world from the perspective of her native China. At Vanderbilt, she interacted with faculty and studies from many countries and cultures. “Now I view the world from a truly global perspective,” she says.  

Steve Brophy

VP, Government & Public Relations, Dollar General

During two decades in Washington, D.C., Steve Brophy worked for two senators, was chief of staff for a congressman and served on a presidential commission. His experience made him a great choice when Dollar General hired him in 2010 to direct the company’s government affairs. But Steve realized that his knowledge of business needed to catch up to his knowledge of government. For that, he came to Vanderbilt.

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