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The Vanderbilt Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree is a one-year, on-campus degree offering two distinct programs: MAcc Assurance and MAcc Valuation. These distinguished programs provide a fast track to launch a promising career with the world’s largest (and most prestigious) accounting and professional service firms. Both programs are designed for all majors and for those who are recent college graduates or have several years of experience.


Program Comparison

MAcc Assurance

The Vanderbilt MAcc Assurance program prepares you to be successful as an audit and assurance associate with a top global accounting firm. An audit assures investors, regulators, bankers, and others that a company’s balance sheet, cash flows, and profit and loss statements deliver a reasonable depiction of its financial health.

As an audit associate, you will assist in performing audits for a variety of clients and will have access to experts on every topic imaginable and a closely knit team of peers. It’s the science (and art) of providing expert and independent assessments that support smart business decisions. Your job is to “follow the money.” Where does it come from? Where does it go? How is it allocated? What processes are used to ensure the accuracy and veracity of these transactions?

MAcc Valuation

The Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation program prepares you for a dynamic career as a valuation associate, which demands strong finance skills and accounting expertise. How do you determine the value of intellectual property? What is a brand name worth? How much should a company pay to purchase a competitor? These are just a few of the complex questions answered by valuation professionals. Your accounting course work empowers you to understand and speak the “language of business.”

As a valuation associate, you will work with leading companies and alongside the biggest names in wealth management and banking. Be part of a small, close-knit team providing specialized financial analyses and models that impact your clients’ business decisions on important matters such as strategy and acquisitions, asset management, restructuring and divestitures, and management planning.


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The entire program is put together very intentionally. Every class is structured either to help us start a Big Four job or help us on the CPA exam. This program has completely set up my career.

Matt Connors
Assurance Staff, EY

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