International Education Requirements

Applicants must have obtained a four-year U.S. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university or its equivalent. A list of acceptable degrees from international institutions is provided below.

  • Bachelor's and/or Master's degree requiring a minimum of four years of university study. A four-year year Bachelor's degree or both years of a two-year Master's degree following a three-year Bachelor's degree must be completed. The Chartered Accountancy certification can be substituted for the Master’s degree requirement and will be admissible. The B.Com., B.A., and B.Sc. along are not acceptable.
  • Three-year Bachelor's degree from Quebec; four-year Bachelor's degree from all other provinces.
  • A Maitrise or a diploma requiring four years of post-baccalaureate study from a university or a Grande Ecole.
  • A university Diplom, Magister Artium, or Staatsexamen. The Vordiplom by itself is not sufficient.
  • Sarjana or Sarjana Legkap, awarded after five years of university study.
  • Diploma di laurea di dottore requiring from four to six years of study.
  • Completion of all courses and thesis or professional exams required for the titulo or degree of Licenciado or Bacharel.
  • Doctorandus, lngenieur or Meester.
  • A Bachelor's degree representing four years of university study. Official academic records, including graduation certificate in Chinese, must be submitted with a complete English translation listing all courses and grades. All records must be certified by the issuing institution or appropriate government official.
  • A university diploma awarded after four or more years of study.
  • License, Diplome or Diplom, representing four to five years of university study.
  • Must hold an Honours Bachelor's degree.

  • The Bachelor's Degree (ordinary), Higher National Diploma (HND), Ordinary National Diploma (ONO) are not eligible for admission.
  • Four-year Bachelor’s degree.


At the time of application, you must upload copies of transcripts from every college or university you attend. You will only be required to provide official transcripts if you are offered admission and accept the offer. Please submit a copy of the diploma for any university degrees earned that are not explicitly specified on an official transcript.

If a cumulative grade point average is not specified on the transcript for each degree earned or institution attended, please calculate your cumulative GPA using the following four-point scale: A=4.0/Excellent, A-=3.7, 8+=3.3, 8=3.0/Good, B-=2.7, C+=2.3, C=2.0/Average, C-=1.7, 0+=1.3, O=1.0/Below Average, D-=0.7, and F=0.0/Fail. If a cumulative GPA cannot be calculated or converted to a four-point scale, leave the field blank and we will evaluate your academic record accordingly. Non-US Students should leave this field blank if the degree was not obtained in the U.S.

When requesting an official transcript, either at the time of application or upon your acceptance of an admission offer, you should request that a sealed, official transcript be sent to you from the registrar's office of each institution you attended so that you can forward it, unopened, to:

Center for Date Management – OWEN Vanderbilt University
PMB 407833, 2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37240-7833

If your college or university will not send an official transcript to you, the registrar can send one directly to the Center for Data Management.

You must provide at least one final transcript that documents successful completion of a four-year U.S. bachelor's degree, or its equivalent. If you have not completed your current degree, if admitted, we will ask you to submit a final degree completion transcript once you have graduated.

If an official or unofficial transcript is not in English, you must obtain a notarized English translation from a certified professional and submit it with the original transcript or copy. If your university retains the only official copy of your transcript, a duplicate copy certified by an officer of the university is acceptable. Although we are familiar with the educational systems and grading scales of many countries, applicants who have studied at a university outside the United States may want to describe their relative academic performance and achievements (such as scores on entrance exams, class rank, academic honors, etc.) in an additional statement.


Please see our website for tuition and budget figures.


If you are not a U.S. citizen and do not hold a U.S. permanent resident visa, U.S. regulations require proof of sufficient funds to finance your travel, living and educational expenses. International students are not eligible for federally funded loans.

The Preliminary Financial Declaration is a required part of the application form that must be completed before an offer of admission can be extended. After receipt of all other materials required to complete an application. the Admissions Committee reserves the right to deny or wait list any international candidate who has not furnished this data.

The Preliminary Financial Declaration is an estimate of the funds you will have available to you at the time of enrollment. You do not need to submit official bank statements or affidavits of support with your application for admission. We understand that you may not have the entire amount of funding required at this time. Many candidates require additional time after submitting an application to confirm the amount and source of their financial resources.

You will be asked to specify how much money you expect to have available from several different sources: personal or family funds, your home government, salary while on leave, a U.S. government agency, an international organization, and any other sources. The sum of these amounts will represent the total estimated resources you expect to have available to you at the time of enrollment. Provide all amounts in U.S. Dollars and specify the currency exchange rate you used in your calculations.

REMEMBER: Costs typically increase each year due to inflation. You should expect both tuition and cost-of living expenses to increase by about 5% each year. The maximum amount that can be awarded as a merit-based scholarship will only cover at most partial cost of tuition-you must be prepared to pay for all living expenses, books, supplies and other personal expenses.

Admission and merit scholarship decisions are based on merit and will not be affected by the information you provide on the Preliminary Financial Declaration. However, this information is required before an offer of admission or merit scholarship will be extended.

Vanderbilt does not offer International Students financial aid for living expense, books, supplies or the required wireless laptop computer, at a minimum, you must be able to pay for these expenses with your own resources or other sources of funding. To explore loan options, please visit the International Student & Scholar Services.

Please contact the Owen at, if you have any questions about the Preliminary Financial Declaration.


Careful consideration must be given to financial planning if you wish to bring your spouse and/or children to Nashville. To process your 1-20 form for a student visa, Vanderbilt University's Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will require proof of additional funding for spouses and other dependents.

Students bringing spouses and/or other dependents should note the following: 1) dependents accompanying you on an F-2 visa are prohibited by law from working under any circumstances; 2) in addition to the minimum cost for a single student, you are required to certify and guarantee sufficient funds to support family-related expenses; and 3) health insurance is required for all students and all family members. (visit:


If offered admission to the MS Finance program, Vanderbilt University's Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), another department on campus, will contact you. In order to issue your 1-20 visa application, ISSS will require you to complete and return a more detailed official Financial Certification with originals of the required financial documents and affidavits of support. You will receive the required form and additional instructions shortly after the time of admission. Your 1-20 will not be issued until ISSS receives the completed form and appropriate documentation from you.

Once admitted, we will forward notice of your admission to ISSS and ISSS will create a file for you and their office will contact you by email for further documentation. It is in your best interest to start collecting as many financial documents as possible. However, keep in mind that official documents cannot be older than six months at the time of visa application. By planning ahead, you will be prepared with the items you need to submit to ISSS if you are offered admission, and you will not delay the visa application process. This will assure plenty of time to prepare for your move to the U.S.

Please contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services at or 615-322- 2753 if you have any questions about financial certification or student visa applications.


By signing and submitting the Preliminary Financial Declaration on the application form, you certify that the projected sources and amounts of funding that you currently have, or will have, will be available for one year of study at Vanderbilt University. You also acknowledge that you have reviewed all information about the educational requirements, estimated expenses, and visa application process contained in the International Supplement and Preliminary Financial Declaration, and that the information you have provided on the form is correct and complete.


Once admitted, ISSS will require official documents confirming your financial resources before issuing your 1- 20. You may want to start gathering the following now, remembering that official documents cannot be older than six months at the time of visa application.

Affidavits of support from another person must include the student's name, sponsor's relationship to the student, amount guaranteed in U.S. dollars, period of support, Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management as the place of study, date and sponsor's signature. Official documentary evidence, such as a letter from the individual's bank, is required.

Affidavits of support from a sponsoring agency, university, government, employer or another organization must include the student's name, amount guaranteed in U.S. dollars, duration of time in which the award will remain applicable, official signature, official letterhead, official stamp, and address and phone number of the awarding agency.

Advance planning will ensure that you have ample time to obtain your visa, and in some cases, it may prevent you from having to return to the U.S. Consulate more than once, because your visa application was denied the first time.

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