Vanderbilt Business alums talk about finding love at Management Hall

The various dimensions of the “b-school relationship” are well-documented, and the general impression is not a good one. Long-distance relationships fizzle, navigating the dating scene in a close-knit community with limited discretion is tricky, and balancing career aspirations and school demands can be tough.

Despite all of these challenges, a disproportionate amount of students find lasting love at Vanderbilt. What’s the secret?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we talked with four alumni couples – Jane Greenlee and Martin Wiegland (MBA’17); Brock and Holly Hardesty (MBA’13); Carolina and Henry Ko (MBA’11 and 12, respectively); and Eleonora and Frank Odio (MBA’96) – about their relationships and how they made them work. Megan Nichols of the Career Management Center conducted the interviews.