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How I Got the Job: Investment Analyst, Cambridge Associates

Feb 18, 2019
Double Dore Lucy Maloney (MSF'19) pivoted from advertising to non-profit investing using her MSF degree

By Heream Yang

Lucy Maloney

Lucy Maloney (MSF ’19) always assumed she would enter a creative industry after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Cinema and Media Arts and a minor in Corporate Strategy. However, after completing an advertising internship the summer before her senior year, she realized that she preferred the quantitative side of business over the creative side. 

While pondering how to make the switch from advertising into finance, Maloney attended an open house event at Vanderbilt Business, where she learned about the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program. She decided to enroll in order to gain the quantitative skills, experience, and connections she needed to break into the finance industry with no prior experience.

“I was looking for something that gave me really good knowledge and exposure in the field,” Maloney said. “I felt like if I went into the finance world just working, I wouldn’t learn as much as I might getting a solid degree really focused on getting those technical, quantitative skills down.”

Maloney entered the MSF program knowing she wanted to use her finance skills for good. Her interest in investment research and her desire to engage in mission-based investing led to a full-time position as an Investment Analyst at Cambridge Associates in Boston, where she will primarily be working with non-profits and endowments. “I’m really excited about having that social impact aspect,” Maloney said. “I’m also really excited to learn from a lot of really smart people because that was what really drew me to Cambridge Associates in the first place.”

Click through Maloney’s timeline below to find out how she landed the offer.

Want to learn more about the Master of Science in Finance degree at Vanderbilt Business? Visit the program page, or request more information.

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