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How I Got the Job: Associate Business Consultant, Infosys

Mar 10, 2020
Emily Singh (MMark’20) combined her interests and broadened her opportunities by landing a consulting position

By Jong Eun Jung

Emily Singh

Emily Singh

After Emily Singh (MMark’20) graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s in New Media and Communication Technology, she realized that she wanted to develop additional business and marketing skills before entering the workplace. “I didn’t study marketing in undergrad, but I really liked my marketing internship (from the summer of my junior year). So I was looking at different programs, and the curriculum and the professors and the faculty (at Vanderbilt Business), I really liked the most. So after visiting, I just knew that this was the right program for me,” Singh said.

Singh was initially interested in working in loyalty and customer retention because she liked developing personal connections with customers. She also considered working for an airline corporation. However, her encounter with Infosys during an on-campus info session shifted her career path. She realized that she could interact with and work for different clients, including airline corporations, through consulting.

“I didn’t come to business school knowing anything about consulting. I thought that was a finance thing,” she said. “But the people (from Infosys) who came to present… had clients that I would be really interested in doing work for. So I thought the combination of that and the idea that I’d be able to dip my toes into a lot of different fields and a lot of different industries while staying with one company was really appealing to me.”

In early December, Singh accepted the full-time offer to become an associate business consultant on the digital enterprise team at Infosys. “I will be working with clients that need help with anything that has to do with web development and client experience, app interactions. I’m really excited,” she said.

Click through Singh’s timeline below to find out how she landed the offer.

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