Committee and Taskforce Updates: Campus Life

There are groups within Owen working to ensure successful delivery of world-class education in the fall of 2020. This page serves to update the community on the work underway within these groups.

COVID Leadership Taskforce

Objectives: To oversee change management throughout the school as required, create and execute a communication plan, coordinate across all task forces and working groups, identify/address emerging gaps in planning, create and promote guiding principles of citizenship, prioritize work / programs and deploy staff accordingly, and co-ordinate subgroups.

(* denotes team leads)

Members: Dean M. Eric Johnson*, Lindsay Donald*, Emily Anderson, Melinda Allen, Juli Bennett, Hilary Craiglow, Nancy Hyer, Nate Luce, Megan Naughton, Sue Oldham, Stella Vanza, Cherrie Wilkerson, Richard Willis.

Update: The taskforce continues to synthesize information being distributed by the University and communicating it to the individual working groups. The CARE website and newsletter have been launched to facilitate in these efforts. As students return to school, the leadership task force has turned its attention to addressing urgent matters as they arise and ensuring safe practices at school. Week of August 16, 2020.

Fall Faculty Teaching Taskforce

Objective: To generate creative approaches to teaching while delivering high-quality online content, and to consider delivery and scheduling impact.

Members: Nick Bollen*, Richard Willis*, Bruce Barry, Paul Chaney, Bill Christie, Jenny Escalas, Mumin Kurtulus, Brian McCann, Tim Vogus, Nancy Hyer (ex oficio)

Update: The taskforce has provided faculty with guidelines and best practices for hybrid course delivery and finalized course schedules with the Student Programs Office for Mod I. The taskforce delivered updated teaching information and classroom guidelines to faculty in the last week of July, and concluded its work for the time being. This taskforce will ramp back up as required. Week of August 16, 2020.

Learning & Media Support Taskforce (LMS)

Objectives: To design, implement, staff, and manage a video recording studio for creating pre-recorded teaching content; support the delivery of remote or dual modality; learn and support new instructional technologies; collects, curate, and propagate best practices on tools and resources for all members of the Owen Community.

Members: Burch Wood*, Kathryn-Claire Barlas*, Ryan Corser, Roman DiGaetano, Scott Elam, Nancy Hyer, Dean M. Eric Johnson, Megan Naughton, Macie Smitherman, Paula Varney

Update: This group continues to provide teaching faculty with support on use of Zoom and Brightspace. The LMS has completed the buildout of the Owen Recording Studio, which is now available for use, with faculty teaching in Mod 1 getting top priority. Sign up for a slot by clicking here. To learn more about the software used to run the studio, click here. The LMS has completed its stated objectives and will conclude activity. The LMS will ramp back up as required. Week of August 16, 2020.

Physical Space (i.e. Space Force)

Objectives: To work/liaise with VU Plant Operations on best practices for building use; identify space use unique to Owen to formulate (i.e., study rooms, copiers, lockers, food service, etc.); identify highest and best use for space based on Owen priorities; ensure accountability and enforcement for University guidelines; determine protocol for check-out/hand-out of equipment and supplies.

Members: Emily Anderson*, Sarah Fairbank*, Bruce Barry, Hilary Craiglow, Morgan Leeson, Megan Nichols, Carla Sanders, John Thorpe, Stella Vazna

Update: Space Force has finalized building use protocols for the coming academic year. They are finalizing study space options for students between classes, and are finalizing and socializing a process by which students can reserve library study rooms for single occupancy. The Space Force has facilitated the creation of two “study hall” classrooms  – Rooms 218 and 230 – to support students who cannot make it home between classes. This taskforce has completed its designated work and will ramp back up as required. Week of August 16, 2020.

Student Experience Taskforce (SET)

Objectives: To develop a holistic understanding of what Owen wants the student experience to be across programs in the 2020-21 Academic Year and assess the challenges and opportunities presented by the impact of COVID-19. To build an assessment tool for each program to identify the best course of action related to specific student experiences, taking into account factors such as student impact, resources, time, and feasibility in an effort to cultivate the experiences we want students to have and mitigate disruption to student life. Lastly, to inform how a future strategic student experience project should be undertaken by Owen.

Members: Sue Oldham*, Juli Bennett*, Melinda Allen, Mario Avila, Sylvia Boyd, Amanda Fend, Sandy Kinnett, Todd Rothman, Cherrie Wilkerson

Update: SET drafted a model with 4 Pillars of the Owen Student Experience. They also developed a START, STOP, CONTINUE “stoplight” assessment tool for all programs and departments to use as they evaluate Student Experience Activities. SET has finished collecting data from all programs and departments, and SET subgroups (Specialized Masters, MBA, Working Professionals) are currently analyzing it to identify overlaps and activity mix. SET subgroups completed their analysis of submitted events, found a good mix of the 4 pillars with the exception of Social/Relationship. SET will contact the OSGA to incorporate their events onto the SET calendar. SET is currently organizing August events into program-specific calendars and showcasing items by pillar and percentages and will discuss how best to share the data. Week of August 9, 2020.

Employee Care Taskforce

Objectives: To create opportunities and standards for flexibility in the workplace to support faculty and staff as they strive to meet professional and personal obligations in uncertain times; to create and administer opportunities to support employees whose health and well-being may be affected by the international pandemic; to curate wellness suggestions and opportunities for faculty and staff; to develop and implement community-building activities within the constraints of social distancing and virtual delivery.

Members: Madison Gibson*, Jill Bruins*, Suzanne Feinstein, Kelly LaVoice, Ashley Lomax, Brook Meissner, Tadishi Morgan, Kendall Park, Teresa Stephens, Heather Yockey

Update: The Employee Care Taskforce hosted its first employee event (virtual trivia) on July 22; the next one will be held in September. The taskforce is currently reviewing Vanderbilt’s return-to-campus communications and curating staff development opportunities for posting on CARE. The taskforce is also working on a new staff survey project, details will be forthcoming. Week of September 15, 2020.