Return to Campus Guidelines for Staff

Our goal is to provide in-person academic courses for our students while keeping the community as safe as possible from the COVID-19 virus. This requires in-person support from some of our staff groups. To maintain a low density in our building, we are offering these guidelines:

  • The following teams should have at least one person in the office to support classroom delivery, assist with faculty research activities, and/or address emergencies. Teams can create a schedule to ensure coverage during the work week while maintaining 50% capacity in office suites.
    • Dean’s Office
    • EMBA (during class session, etc.)
    • Finance and Administration, specifically Business Affairs, Faculty Support, and Facilities
    • MMHC (during class session, etc.)
    • Insights Lab (as needed for research activities)
    • Student Programs Office
    • Technology and AV Support
  • For now, staff in all other departments may remain remote for day-to-day responsibilities.
    • Staff members in these departments that need to work from their office may do so, but they are responsible for coordinating with their manager, team, and officemates to ensure that office suites do not exceed 50% capacity.
  • Any staff member who works from the office needs to complete the COVID-19 Return to Campus Acknowledgement (found in personal Oracle Learning) and inform Carla Sanders upon completion.
  • It is recommended that managers and/or office suite co-workers create a Google Doc or Teams document to schedule office use.
  • The University continues to recommend remote meetings. Staff in the building should not accept drop-in appointments but rather schedule virtual or in-person meetings instead. In-person meetings should not be conducted in individual offices. These guidelines will be posted on office suite doors.
  • We are welcoming students into the building; therefore, staff should be around to show support and demonstrate personal scale. We are working on ideas to bring one or two staff members to the building for portions of the day on Monday through Thursday. Staff would sign up for time slots and responsibilities. Recognizing that some people will be very happy to participate and some will be uncomfortable, we will act with respect and flexibility. Staff with accommodations will not be asked to participate.

These guidelines will be updated as the school year continues. We are figuring this out together and doing our best to keep everyone as safe as possible while providing the a world-class learning experience on a personal scale. Thank you for your continued work!