Gathering Protocols

Vanderbilt-Wide protocols

Click here for a complete list of Vanderbilt-wide gathering protocols.

Current Gathering Limit

Gatherings may not currently exceed 8 people.

Faculty- and Staff-Hosted Gatherings

Faculty and staff may host gatherings for students. These constitute in-person events and activities with a primarily enrichment, extra- or co-curricular, or community-building purpose.

Gatherings must be sponsored by a faculty or staff member, be approved by the Office of the Dean, and follow all University gathering policies. Click here for the approval form.

The Owen Office of the Dean must approve the gathering before it takes place.  For more information on gatherings, please visit Vanderbilt’s “Return to Campus” website.

Faculty- and Staff-Hosted Gathering Policies:

  • VU community members only.
  • On-campus gatherings only. Off-campus gatherings are not permitted if students are in attendance and/or if VU funds will be used.
  • Maximum “gathering” attendance limit. The number of total/unique attendees may not exceed the maximum number under the university’s phased Return to Campus Plan (currently 8) or the VU COVID-modified maximum capacity for the space, whichever is more restrictive. Organizers count as attendees for purposes of the maximum attendance limit.
  • Capacity controls/attendance tracking. Gathering sign-ups should be managed to maintain a strict maximum number of attendees. If interest exceeds capacity, develop a clear methodology for determining who will be chosen to attend, and consider using a waitlist or setting up separate area where attendees do not overlap. Attendance should be closely tracked to assist in contact tracing, if necessary.
  • Physical distancing. Physical distancing is required. The “gathering” may be held only if attendees can maintain appropriate physical distance given the nature of the activities contemplated. Consideration should also be given as to whether attendees will be stationary or moving around during the event.
  • Face masks/coverings. By default, all participants must wear a face mask/covering.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.

Questions can be directed to Lindsay Donald. Submit completed forms to the Dean’s Office.