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How I Got the Job: Investment Banking Analyst, Raymond James

Mar 15, 2021
Alex Puntney (MSF’21) leveraged his network connections and work experience to land an Investment Banking Analyst position

By Emily Scott

After graduating with a double major in finance and real estate from Florida State University, Alex Puntney (MSF’21) worked as a summer analyst with Vaupen Financial Advisors, a lower-middle-market investment bank in Miami, FL. Putney knew he wanted to continue a career in investment banking but needed to further his education and expand his network to take the next step in his career. This led him to apply to the Vanderbilt MSF program. 

Alex Puntney (MSF '21)

Alex Puntney (MSF ’21)

Once the program began in the fall, Puntney began mock interviews, leveraging his network, and applying for jobs with help from the Career Management Center (CMC). “The Career Management Center was the most helpful resource during my recruitment process. They know what they are doing, and they are the best at what they do. I used the CMC for everything from preliminary resume and cover letter reviews to networking advice and several mock interviews throughout the process,” he recalled.

As a result of COVID-19 and the shift to work-from-home, Puntney was also able to continue working for Vaupen Financial Advisors full-time while he completed the MSF program. “This experience has always been very valuable,  and I was able to leverage this experience during my recruitment process,” he said. 

Puntney’s hard work paid off in October when he accepted a job as an Investment Banking Analyst with Raymond James in St. Petersburg, FL. “I am really excited about this opportunity. Raymond James was at the top of my list during my recruitment process. It is an incredible, industry-leading investment bank with a great reputation. It will be great to continue working on industrial deals, which I have a lot of experience with from my current job,” he said.

Puntney also shared some advice for students currently recruiting for positions: “Start networking as early as you can and as much as you can, but be patient and make sure you are ready first. Keep an open mind, leverage any expertise you can get, and trust the process.”

Click through Puntney’s timeline below to see how he landed the job.

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