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How I Got the Job: Senior Presidential Associate, CEO Global Presidential Program, Estée Lauder

May 19, 2021
Alli Sciarretta (MBA’21) landed her dream job in marketing at Estée Lauder after pivoting from a corporate benefits consulting career

By Heream Yang

Alli Sciarretta

After graduating from Middlebury College with a degree in Economics, Alli Sciarretta (MBA’21) launched her career at NFP, a corporate benefits consulting firm. She worked in project management and strategy development, delivering health and welfare benefits to a diverse range of clients, from law firms to professional sports teams. While Sciarretta enjoyed her time at NFP, she knew she didn’t want to stay in benefits consulting in the long run.

“It was a great experience, but not an industry or a role that I saw myself in long-term,” she said. “But in that role, I was able to seek out projects that involved marketing for both my company internally and for our clients, and that opened my eyes to how marketing was really what I wanted to pursue in the future as my long-term career.”

Sciarretta enrolled at Vanderbilt Business with the goal of launching a career in marketing and brand management. From the start, she had her sights set on Estée Lauder due to her previous experience collaborating with the Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign as an undergraduate intern at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). “I love the values that Estée Lauder stood for, and I really got to see that through working at BCRF,” she said. “As a family-run company, Estée Lauder is rooted in family values, which I think is really admirable.”

Sciarretta successfully landed a summer marketing internship at Estée Lauder, where she will be returning full-time as a Senior Presidential Associate in the CEO Global Presidential Program, a two-year rotational program, where she will be on the marketing track. She looks forward to building her relationships with the Estée Lauder community over the next 2 years. “I think they infuse their family and community values throughout the entire company, and I really felt that during my internship,” she said. “Knowing that everyone’s always looking out for you and that everyone wants to see you thrive is what really drew me to Estée Lauder.”

Click through the timeline below to find out how Sciarretta landed her offer.

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