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Career Management Center Welcomes New Career Coach, Alex Borowski

Oct 4, 2021
Alex Borowski (MBA’18) returns to Vanderbilt Business to support students focusing on marketing and healthcare

By Lacie Blankenship

Alex Borowski (MBA‘18) has returned to Vanderbilt Business to join the Career Management Center (CMC) as a Career Coach.

Alex Borowski

Borowski will be working with students on career paths in marketing and the healthcare industry to help them find jobs compatible with their unique personal and professional goals.

“I am excited to help students evaluate the whole package of elements when on their job search; it’s important we prioritize personal compatibility alongside factors like salary and location,” says Borowski.  

After graduating from the Vanderbilt MBA program in 2018, Borowski moved to New York to work for Citibank. He moved back to Nashville to work with AllianceBernstein before returning to Vanderbilt. Borowski spent time teaching English in Japan before earning his Vanderbilt MBA. 

Borowski is looking forward to connecting and empathizing with students through the CMC. “It’s like I have 2 rounds of familiarity that I’m hopefully able to speak to when helping students,” says Borowski. “I remember student life and the competing priorities with various timelines of academics, recruiting, interning, etc.; plus, I have post-graduate experience within corporate marketing, so I can also speak to what companies are searching for in candidates.”  

Borowski describes the CMC as “a really helpful resource with the initial goal to help students find post-MBA careers and also to establish and maintain connections with companies that recognize the Vanderbilt Business legacy in hopes of supporting future commodore success.”  

He noted that when he was a student at Vanderbilt, he “worked a lot with the CMC to help him get a job” and that “the CMC has always had great coaches that are really good at what they do.” 

Borowski notes that he has “big shoes to fill” as he takes over the position from Amanda Fend, who has moved into the position of Director of MBA Recruiting. 

He wanted to return to Vanderbilt because he felt a strong connection to the University.  “I really enjoyed my time with Vanderbilt Business. I love the energy at the school; being amongst the people is so fulfilling,” says Borowski. 

Borowski notes that he is “excited to see Vanderbilt Business connecting with other parts of the University and continuing interdisciplinary and trans-institutional work.”  

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