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Vanderbilt MS Finance Class of 2021 Sets New Employment Record

Nov 30, 2021
100 Percent of Students Received Offers by Graduation, Record-High Median Salary of $85,000

By Arial Starks

Class of 2021 graduates from the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program at Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management reported median base salary earnings of $85,000. They also reported a median signing bonus of $10,000.

The Vanderbilt MSF program has an excellent track record of employment outcomes, and the Class of 2021 continued this trend despite ongoing challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The median base salary earnings is the highest in the program’s history. Additionally, 100 percent of MSF students received an offer by graduation – a first for the program – and 100 percent accepted an offer within 6 months of graduation.

“I am incredibly proud of the Vanderbilt MSF Class of 2021. They worked exceptionally hard, engaged early with the career center, set a record for the school, and have already begun giving back to the Class of 2022,” said Megan Nichols, Senior Associate Director of the Career Management Center.

More than half (56 percent) of the MSF Class of 2021 entered the investment banking industry. Graduates also accepted positions in a variety of other functions, including investment and research, real estate, consulting, corporate finance, and private equity. Thirty-five percent of students stayed in the South, 38 percent relocated to the Northeast, and the remaining 26 percent spread out to various parts of the country. One student also accepted an offer in the United Kingdom.

Twenty-two percent of offers came through alumni referrals, demonstrating the continuing strength of the Vanderbilt and Owen alumni networks. “The success of the MSF program would not be possible without the loyal and accessible alumni network and the accomplishments they have achieved to lay a foundation for the students who follow,” Nichols said.

The Career Management Center begins working with MSF students before they even set foot on campus. Students spend considerable time throughout the program building the skills required to earn their desired positions, interacting with alumni along the way. “We continue to be grateful to our alumni partners. They tirelessly engage with the career center, students, and each other, not only sharing job opportunities but assisting with mock interviews, resume reviews, networking, and so much more,” Nichols said.

A summary of this year’s MSF employment report may be viewed here.

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