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Meet the Vanderbilt MBA Class of 2024

Sep 23, 2022
Get to know the students who make up the newest MBA class

By Rachael Perrotta

Vanderbilt’s MBA Class of 2024 arrived on campus for the first time in August. Together, they represent 108 undergraduate institutions and 111 companies. They hail from 14 countries and all U.S. regions. This diversity will benefit the class as they begin their journey to becoming a leader in the business world. Vanderbilt’s MBA program is tailored to the range of backgrounds present in the Class of 2024, offering specialized paths, resources, and courses to help students achieve expertise in their individual business pursuits. 

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Class Size: 147

Average Age: 28.16

Age Range: 23-43

Female (% of class): 29%

Married or Engaged (% of class): 24%

Minorities (% of U.S. citizens): 20%

International Students (% of class, including dual citizenship and permanent residents): 31%

Average Years of Work Experience: 5.34

Military Service (% of class): 17%

Scholarship Recipients (% of class): 88%


Academic Statistics:

Median Undergraduate GPA: 3.34

Average GMAT Score: 690

Median GMAT Score: 700

GMAT Range (middle 80%): 650-730


Undergraduate Institutions Represented (partial list):

  1. United States Military Academy
  2. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  3. Wake Forest University
  4. Boston College
  5. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  6. University of Notre Dame
  7. University of Southern California
  8. Boston University
  9. Vanderbilt University
  10. California Polytechnic State University
  11. Dartmouth College
  12. Georgia Institute of Technology
  13. Miami University-Oxford
  14. University of California-Los Angeles
  15. Villanova University

Companies Represented (partial list):

  1. U.S. Armed Forces
  2. Ernst & Young
  3. KPMG Global Services
  4. Deloitte Consulting
  5. PGA Tour
  6. Samsung C&T Corporation
  7. Truist Financial Corporation
  8. U.S. Department of State
  9. Vanderbilt University Department of Neurosurgery
  10. University of Chicago Crime Lab and Education Lab
  11. YETI

To learn more about the MBA program, click here.

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