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How I Got the Job: Financial Management Program, GE Aerospace

Feb 9, 2023
Jackson Kaplowitz pivots to corporate finance

By Arial Starks

Jackson Kaplowitz

Jackson Kaplowitz graduated from Xavier University in the spring of 2022 with a Bachelors in Business Analytics. He spent much of his undergraduate career playing Baseball, but during his senior year, Kaplowitz began taking finance courses to fulfill his minor, and decided to pivot his career trajectory to the industry.

“I really enjoyed the finance classes I took in undergrad and I wanted to combine that interest with my background in analytics,” he said. “I felt analytics would be a great tool to have in finance.”

Both of Kaplowitz’ parents are Vanderbilt alums, so when it came time to choose an MS Finance program, Owen Graduate School of Management was at the top of his list. 

After earning his undergraduate degree, Kaplowitz held a revenue management internship with Quorum Health in Brentwood, Tennessee, during the summer of 2022. His responsibilities consisted of keeping track of the company’s monthly revenue cycle for its 21 hospitals across the country. 

“The process of doing analysis of past information and being able to understand how that is going to affect things going forward is going to be super helpful and applicable to my job with GE,” Kaplowitz said. 

Although he enjoyed the internship, Kaplowitz says it also confirmed that investment banking was not the route for him. He spent the later part of the summer networking with professionals in the finance industry to learn more about the different career paths he could take. 

Once the Vanderbilt MS Finance program began in August 2022, Kaplowitz hit the ground running with recruiting preparation. In early September, he began working with the Career Management Center to perfect his resume, and also participated in several mock interviews with Career Coach Ginny Ling and Graduate Intern William Husted.

Kaplowitz knew he wanted to take his talents back to his home state of Ohio after graduation, so he spent the month of September applying to Cincinnati-based companies that would help him achieve that goal. After applying for several positions, Kaplowitz landed an interview with GE Aerospace in October 2022 and by early November, he had received a return offer. 

Kaplowitz is eager to join the GE Aerospace team this summer as a Financial Management Program Participant. In this 2-year program, he will have 4 six-month rotations, where he will be working across different job functions. 

“Since it’s a rotational program, the nature of my position will be around learning each area of the business,” Kaplowitz said. “I’m really excited to be able to work with so many different people and learn about several different areas of the business, all in a 2-year span.” 

Click through the timeline below to see a visual of how Jackson Kaplowitz got the job.

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