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People of Vanderbilt: Carlie Darnell (MMARK’23)

Mar 30, 2023
In this edition of People of Vanderbilt, we spotlight Carlie Darnell

By Arial Starks

Carlie Darnell

Vanderbilt Business is known across the globe for its high caliber of students, faculty, and staff. In this edition of People of Vanderbilt, we spotlight Master of Marketing student Carlie Darnell, who shares a little about herself.

What is your secret talent?

I can balance a spoon on my nose.

Who or what empowers you at Vanderbilt?

I am empowered by the women in the Master of Marketing program and the female staff. I enjoy being surrounded by ambitious women who aren’t afraid to work hard and pursue higher education.

What are 1 or 2 experiences that have really shaped your time here at Vanderbilt?

One experience that really shaped my time here at Vanderbilt was BrandWeek. BrandWeek not only gave me exposure to how agency life would be outside of school but also equipped me with the right experiences for professional job interviews. BrandWeek gave me valuable experiences similar to that of a career, but also brought me closer to my classmates.

What’s your favorite way to connect with the Vanderbilt community?

My favorite way to connect with the Owen community is Closing Bell because it is very refreshing to surround myself with my classmates in a non-academic setting. It also allows me to network with every Owen student and even the staff in a more relaxed setting.

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself during your time at Vanderbilt?

During my time at Vanderbilt, I have learned that the more involved I am, the more I learn and gain from the experience. Once I began getting involved with my classmates and attending outside-of-school events, my Owen experience became so much more enjoyable academically and socially.

Looking back on your time at Vanderbilt, what is one of your favorite memories, activities, or rituals?

One of my favorite memories from my time at Vanderbilt was going to the Nashville Predators game with my classmates.

Looking forward, what are you most excited about this year?

I am most excited about seeing my classmates accept full-time job offers. We are all very stressed about the job search, so I will be genuinely happy when a classmate of mine accepts their perfect job role.

Are you in a leadership role in association with Vanderbilt? If so, name the organization and title.

I am a Master of Marketing student ambassador.

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