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High-Profile Companies to Partner with Accelerator

Apr 19, 2023

By Lacie Blankenship

Vanderbilt Business is excited to announce that Nissan and Dollar General will join Nashville Superspeedway as project partners for Accelerator® Summer Business Immersion this summer.

Cherrie Wilkerson

“We are thrilled with the lineup of project partners for our 2023 Accelerator students,” says Cherrie Wilkerson, Assistant Dean for Young Professional Programs, Faculty Director, Accelerator. “These students will leave the program with real-world business experience working with clients in 3 very different industries.”  

This is the second consecutive year that Nissan and Dollar General have partnered with the Accelerator program. Both brands are finalizing the details of their projects; Nissan alludes to the involvement of Electric Vehicles. In the project with Nashville Superspeedway, student teams will focus on the racetrack’s desire to expand its fan base.  

Accelerator students work in a collaborative environment to create business solutions to challenges the project partners present. Participants take courses from world-class faculty with Vanderbilt Business on marketing, operations, finance, strategy, and leadership. The program fosters a close-knit community with opportunities for individualized career coaching. 

The 3-week summer program intends to give participants an experience comparable to multiple internships. Accelerator begins with clients presenting a project brief for participants to research and develop deliverables. Participants receive feedback and guidance from project coaches throughout the program before presenting their original solutions to the clients. The program concludes with the clients selecting a winning team and implementing their ideas and strategies.

“This is the real-world experience everyone always harps on. You will meet fantastic people, work tremendously hard, and think critically 24/7, all while having a good time,” says Ana Key, Accelerator 2022 Participant. 

The 2023 Accelerator Summer Business Immersion is June 4 through June 24. The final deadline to apply to the program is May 1, 2023. 

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