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New Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability Champions Green Leadership

Feb 9, 2024
A new executive non-credit program prepares leaders to embrace sustainability in corporate environments

By Lacie Blankenship

Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, Bisk, and the University of British Columbia (UBC) Sauder School of Business are proud to offer the new Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability. This new executive non-credit program aims to support corporate leaders striving to build a more sustainable future for all.     

Pictured: Mark A. Cohen in his Vanderbilt Business headshot. Cohen helped organize the Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability program.

Mark A. Cohen

“Over 30 years ago, Vanderbilt Business became one of the first to offer MBA courses on corporate sustainability,” says Mark A. Cohen, Justin Potter Professor of American Competitive Enterprise, Emeritus, and Professor Emeritus of Management, Vanderbilt University. “Regardless of their political views, today’s leaders must develop an informed view of corporate sustainability to survive in today’s competitive environment.”

What is the Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability? 

Offered fully online by Vanderbilt Business and UBC Sauder School of Business, the Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability is an executive non-credit certificate program designed to equip professionals with the knowledge, tools, and mindset to integrate sustainability into core business strategies, ensuring long-term resilience and success. 

Who would benefit from this certificate? 

This program is primarily designed to give people in leadership roles the tools they need to lead the way in sustainability. There are no strict prerequisites, but a background in business or management can be beneficial, and the course was tailored for executives, managers, and decision-makers looking to integrate sustainability into their business strategies and practices.

What is the format of the program? 

Pictured: Standing on green grass and in front of a blue sky with clouds, a business professional leans up against a tree that is shaped like an arrow pointing upward. The image represents an improvement in corporate sustainability. The program spans over 10 weeks, consisting of coursework and bi-weekly synchronous course sessions. The synchronous course sessions will be recorded for participants to access. 

How can this certificate help leaders today? 

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to people and organizations all over the world. The Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability helps leaders prioritize the ecological, social, and economic aspects of their business operations by integrating sustainability into core initiatives. Professionals will learn how to understand and navigate sustainability metrics, supply chain complexities, and transformative technology, preparing them to make ethical and profitable business decisions.   

Ready to level up your leadership?

Drive change and master sustainability with the Global Certificate in Corporate Sustainability.


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