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Vanderbilt Business Hosts Inaugural Owen Community Service Day

Mar 13, 2024
100% Owen unites the Vanderbilt Business community with 7 local service organizations for a day of giving back

By Lacie Blankenship

Vanderbilt Business excitedly announces the first annual Owen Community Service Day on March 22, 2024. While philanthropy has always been a key value of the community, the student organization, 100% Owen, is behind the day dedicated to uniting the community in service. Following the day of service, participants are invited to attend a happy hour at Fat Bottom Brewing. 

“As members of the Vanderbilt Business community, we see the importance of making a positive impact beyond our campus,” says Matt Gordon (MBA’24), one of the 3 students spearheading the day of service. “Establishing an annual day of service embodies our commitment to giving back and strengthening our ties in the Nashville community. I’m excited to see Vanderbilt Business unite to make a difference.”   

What is 100% Owen? 

100% Owen is a student organization that aims to enrich the Vanderbilt Business experience for students, faculty, and staff. The organization is committed to community service and fundraising in the Nashville Community. 100% Owen directs Owen Board Fellows, a program that equips MBA students for nonprofit board leadership in their careers. 

Gordon, Alex Henry (MS Finance’24), and Brandon Knight (MS Finance’24) are the 3 students at the forefront of planning and organization for the 2024 Owen Community Service Day.

Who should participate in the 2024 Owen Community Service Day? 

All Vanderbilt Business students, faculty, staff, and local alumni are encouraged to sign up and participate in the day of the service. 

Ready to give back to the Nashville Community?

Participate in the 2024 Owen Community Service Day.

What organizations are involved? 


Pictured: The logos of the organizations participating in Owen Community Service Day are in a column in alphabetical order. AbleVoices is written in a bright blue and orange with a graphic of a speech bubble layered under a camera. The logo for Book 'em is a partially opened blue book with the binding facing forward. A banner with "book 'em" is across the binding of the book. The logo for Metro Nashville Animal Care & Control is a blue circle with the silhouette of a guitar, dog, and cat. Pencil's logo features a the tip of a blue pencil that is sharpened to the left of "Pencil." Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee is written in white letters on a green background. The Nashville Food Project is written in white letters under an onion, pot, and truck. The Store is written out with an apple as the "o" in store.AbleVoices aims to foster inclusion for individuals with disabilities by amplifying their voices through photography. The organization provides the resources and training needed to help individuals create and capture images that tell stories. Volunteers will support AbleVoices in preparing for upcoming events.  

Book ‘em

Book ‘em strives to improve literacy in Nashville by igniting children’s passion for reading through book ownership and engagement. Volunteers will help sort and package books for local schools. 

Metro Animal Care

Metro Animal Care is a shelter known for advocating for wrongfully stereotyped bully breeds, medical dogs, and mamas and puppies often overlooked or at risk due to overcrowding. Volunteers will help with manual tasks at the shelter and get to make some furry friends.


PENCIL is committed to meeting the needs of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) to ensure equitable access to education for all students. Volunteers will help local Nashville schools with projects ranging from reading to elementary-age children to setting up classrooms. 

Second Harvest

Second Harvest provides a central distribution center for companies, groups, and individuals who provide food to people facing hunger in Middle Tennessee. Volunteers will prepare food for local families in need. 

The Nashville Food Project 

The Nashville Food Project unites people to grow, cook, and share nourishing food while alleviating hunger in the area. Volunteers will prepare and/or serve meals for people in need.

The Store 

The Store aims to allow people to shop for their basic needs in a way that protects dignity and fosters hope. Volunteers will help customers shop, oversee the checkout process, and stock shelves. 

What will the day look like? 

Volunteers should expect to serve between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM on March 22, 2024. Participants are encouraged to drive to their volunteer locations; some carpool options through 100% Owen will be available. Participants are invited to attend happy hour at Fat Bottom Brewing from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. 

How do I get involved? 

Complete this form to get involved. Interested people will be contacted within 48 hours of submitting the form with final details on service. Those interested in participating should sign up by Wednesday, March 20.  

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