Our Mission

Creating opportunities to discover, grow, and thrive in business and beyond.

The mission statement aims to embody the art of becoming. It serves as both an aspiration and a reflection of Owen's identity. The mission acknowledges the importance of conventional forms of discovery, such as scholarly research, intellectual curiosity, and curricular learning. Yet, it equally celebrates the distinct facets of the human experience, characterized by the desire to connect with others, to find meaning in our work and relationships, and to create something new.

Transformation lies at the core of Owen's mission. It is a hub where opportunities abound, where doors are opened, and where members of the community are inspired to embark on journeys of personal and intellectual growth. Owen encourages individuals to embrace courage as they navigate paths of discovery, striving toward the realization of their fullest potential.

Owen has been instrumental in transforming the lives of individuals, guiding them toward flourishing. This transformation is evident in the stories of a faculty member who found the confidence to pursue scholarly endeavors spanning nontraditional boundaries, a student who secured significant venture capital for a business conceived during their time at Owen, staff members who actively foster opportunities within Owen's community, and numerous alums who credit Owen for propelling them into fulfilling careers. The impact of Owen's work resonates deeply and personally with each individual involved. These anecdotes encapsulate the essence of why Owen is dedicated to its mission.