Becoming Familiar with Owen Essentials


Approach interactions and work with honesty and integrity. Treat everyone with respect and without favoritism or discrimination. Build trust so everyone can bring their full selves to the organization.


Embrace differences and find commonalities. Broaden your perspective. Value and respect diverse backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints, and work styles.

Collaborative Community

Value all Owen faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Strive to build meaningful relationships with one another and enhance each other’s success – academically, professionally, and socially. Work collaboratively to accomplish shared objectives and eliminate barriers to fulfilling the mission of the organization.

Innovation and Learning

Promote innovation and learning both individually and as an organization. Be curious; have the willingness to experiment and consider new ways of doing things. Be agile; continually look for ways to grow, adapt, and respond to changing situations and environments in small and big ways.


Take ownership for what you say and do. Recognize your responsibility as part of Owen to make your projects, teams, programs, and classes the best they can be.


Openly communicate expectations, goals, follow-up actions, metrics, and check for understanding. Share knowledge generously.