owen courtesy store


This courtesy store is for faculty, student clubs, and departments to order and purchase Owen branded merchandise at cost. For more details see below.

In order to use this store, all items must be charged to an Owen Chart of Accounts (COA) string. Please contact Janet Sisco in the Owen business office for COA string information.




Located near Library during construction/renovation (Leadership Suite)

Owen Graduate School of Management Building

Administrator: Faculty Support

Manager: Jean Marie Grumbles

**Due to construction/renovation it may be difficult to get certain items from the Courtesy Store, please keep this in mind. You can fill out the form and Faculty Support will let you know if it is possible based on the timeline and items you are requesting.**

Items in the Owen Courtesy Store are intended for use by faculty, staff, and clubs of OGSM for promotional purposes.

Payments are only made via COA string and charged internally. We do not take cash, checks or credit cards. Items will be debited from your budget at the end of the fiscal year.


*Please note, quantities on hand are limited. Orders may be fulfilled by the Owen Courtesy Store for minimal quantities.*

    • Orders may be fulfilled by the Owen Courtesy Store by filling out the order form.
    • Please submit your request at least 2 business days prior to when you plan to pick up the items.
    • Items are picked up at a designated location during construction/renovation.
  •      ON DEMAND
    • If you need something at the last minute, fill out the order form and email owen-facultysupport@vanderbilt.edu to let them know it is urgent and someone in Faculty Support will assist you if at all possible.
  •      LARGE or CUSTOM ORDERS (more than 20 or an item not currently carried by the Owen Courtesy Store)
      • Large or custom orders for items in the store or other items you might want can be placed with enough lead time to get the items.
      • You will need to follow the guidelines for Internal Merchandise and Apparel Orders located here.
      • You will need to submit your request for this merchandise via a Merchandise Order Request (MOR) Form. This will generate an MOR# for you to place your order by a procurement requestor. Jean Marie Grumbles in Marketing can assist you.