Most recruiting is held during two primary recruiting periods (September-December and January-April). We will gladly work with you to find a date suitable for your recruiting needs. Owen operates on a mod system (seven-week quarters), and on-campus interviewing is prohibited during the last week of each mod while students are taking final exams. Please also see PDF for further campus recruiting date guidance, planning your campus visit, or virtual recruiting touchpoint: here.


Fall Semester, 2024

MOD 1 
Aug. 19First Day of Classes, Mod 1
Sept. 3Campus Recruiting Begins
Sept. 31YR & 2YR MBA Class Resume Book Released
Sept. 10Master of Marketing Class Resume Book Released
Sept. 18-20No Campus Recruiting – NBMBAA Conference
Oct. 2-3No Campus Recruiting – Rosh Hashanah
Oct. 7-15No Campus Recruiting – Mod 1 Exams / Fall Break / Career Immersion

MOD 2 
Oct. 16First Day of Classes, Mod 2
Oct. 161YR MBA HOP Interviews Begin
Nov. 181YR MBA Investment Banking Interviews Begin
Nov. 25-29No Campus Recruiting – Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 62YR MBA Offer Deadline
Dec. 10Last Day of Mod 2 Classes
Dec. 11-Jan. 5No Campus Recruiting – Mod 2 Exams / Winter Break

Spring Semester, 2025

MOD 3 
Jan. 6First Day of Classes, Mod 3
Jan. 61YR MBA Internship Interviews for all other functions begin
Jan. 20No Campus Recruiting – MLK Holiday
Feb. 141YR MBA Internship Offer Deadline
Feb. 21Last Day of Mod 3 Classes
Feb. 24-28No Campus Recruiting – Mod 3 Exams
Mar. 3-7No Campus Recruiting – Spring Immersion / Spring Break

MOD 4 
March 10First Day of Classes, Mod 4
April 25Last Day of Classes, Mod 4
April 28 - May 1Mod 4 Exams
May 2024 Commencement

Information and dates subject to change