Most recruiting is held during two primary recruiting periods (September-December and January-April). We will gladly work with you to find a date suitable for your recruiting needs. Owen operates on a mod system (seven-week quarters), and on-campus interviewing is prohibited during the last week of each mod while students are taking final exams. Please also see  our PDF of available campus recruiting dates, click here.


Fall Semester, 2018

MOD 1 
July 9-25International Summer Business Program (ISBP)
Aug. 1-10Orientation for all new students - MBA, MMark, MAcc, MAcc Val and MSF
Aug. 13First Day of Classes, Mod I
Aug. 27Info Sessions Begin
Sept. 4On-Campus Full-Time Interviews Begin & 2nd Year Resume Book Available
Sept. 171st Year Resume Book Available
Sept. 26- 28National Society of Hispanic MBAs Career Expo, Philadelphia, PA
National Black MBA Association Conference and Exposition, Philadelphia, PA
Oct. 1-12No On-Campus Recruiting, Mod 1 Exams and Short Course/Immersion Week
Oct. 4-6Reaching Out LGBT MBA & Business Graduate Conference, Minneapolis

Oct. 15Mod II Class begin; On-Campus HR/HOP Internship Interviews Begin
Oct. 16On-Campus HOP Interviews Begin
Nov. 2No HOP Interviews
Nov. 9No HOP Interviews
Nov. 16-23No On-Campus Recruiting — Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 26IB On-Campus Internship Interviews Begin
Dec. 6Last Day of Classes, Mod II
Dec. 10-14No On-Campus Recruiting — Mod II Exams
Dec. 15—Jan. 6No On-Campus Recruiting — Winter Break

Spring Semester, 2019

Jan. 2-6Bay Area Tech Trek
Jan. 8First Day of Classes, Mod III
Jan. 10On-Campus Internship Interviews Begin
Jan. 14No On-Campus Recruiting - Classes not in session in observance of MLK Holiday
Jan. 18No On-Campus Interviews
Jan. 25No On-Campus Interviews
Feb. 1No On-Campus Interviews
Feb. 21Last Day of Classes, Mod III
Feb. 22Day by the Bay: West Coast MBA Interview Forum, San Francisco
Feb. 25- Mar. 1No On-Campus Recruiting — Mod III Exams
Mar. 2-10No On-Campus Recruiting — Spring Break

March 11First Day of Classes, Mod IV
April 5Day by the Lake: Midwest Interview Forum, Chicago, IL
April 25Last Day of Classes - Mod IV
April 29- May 3No On-Campus Recruiting — Mod IV Exams
May 10Commencement

Information and dates subject to change