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Adam Schechtman Finds the Perfect Bridge

MAcc program creates stepping stone to a valuation career in NYC

Adam E. Schechtman
Senior Associate, Valuation, Objective Capital Partners, New York, NY

Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation 2017

When he decided to pursue a graduate degree that he hoped would give him the tools to pursue a career in finance and business valuation, Adam Schechtman didn’t have to look far. He had just completed his undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt, which also happens to have the top-ranked MAcc program in the United States.

While the ranking certainly influenced his choice, Southern California native says, “The primary driver of my decision was my amazing experience in the four years at Vanderbilt. I love Nashville, from the food to the nightlife, from the memories to the overall culture of the city, and everything in between.”

Looking back now on a fifth year, he describes the MAcc Valuation track as “the perfect bridge between accounting and finance, and also the perfect stepping stone to a rewarding career” (one that he began in New York after graduation). “The faculty and staff,” he adds, “have been amazing. The program also has been incredible in improving my confidence in networking. I honestly feel that I can now walk up to anyone, regardless of their position, and connect with them.”

The experience in some ways also went beyond what he had enjoyed during his undergraduate days, when he captained Vanderbilt’s club soccer team and was one of the male practice players who worked with the Commodores’ women’s basketball squad. “From moments in the classroom to great experiences on the weekends, the program has been the epitome of a family,” Adam says. “I honestly feel like I’ve made some of my closest friends that I will stay in contact with for the rest of my life.”

Fun Fact: Adam was featured in the November 2015 issue of People magazine.

"The program has been incredible in improving my confidence in networking."