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Mastering Business and the Law

For consulting career, Biggers thinks bigger

Alneada Biggers
Manager, Deloitte

Vanderbilt MBA 2016

After graduating from Harvard, with a degree in Government and Afro-American Studies, Alneada Biggers enlisted in Teach for America. She spent two years teaching kindergarten to ESL students in Houston — and in her spare time, also earned a Masters in Education.

Perhaps that experience with multitasking influenced Alneada’s decision to attend law school and business school simultaneously. A joint MBA/JD degree, which requires a four-year commitment, aligned with her interest in a consulting career. “It will equip me,” she reasons, “with a clearer understanding of both the legal and business issues involved in solving business problems.”

The Tuskegee, Alabama, native says she was attracted to Vanderbilt for “its strong brand and collegial atmosphere. I wanted to attend a school where I felt inclined to get to know my classmates on a personal level, and where I could have an opportunity to engage with professors who are leaders in the field.”

Two of her favorite avenues for getting to know her new colleagues are food and music. “I believe music brings people together,” says the self-proclaimed aficionado of hip-hop, “which is why I’ve enjoyed Nashville so much, and I love cooking, hosting dinner parties and sharing some of my favorite recipes.” In spite of her busy first-year schedule, Alneada also finds time for twice-weekly spinning classes, where she indulges her childhood fantasy of being a background dancer for Janet Jackson.

She’s especially focused on her new career goal: owning a firm that specializes in human capital, business and legal consulting. A course with Professor Tim Vogus led her to considering pursing a concentration in Human & Organizational Performance. “I’m so happy I found myself in HOP,” Alneada says. “From the faculty to the Career Management Center, Owen has helped me take a dream of entering consulting and turn it into a purpose.”