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Finding the Right Career Prescription

After ruling out medicine, Engelbert discovers her calling

Andie Joels
Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Morgan Stanley

Vanderbilt MAcc 2015

One thing Andie Engelbert learned in college was what she didn’t want for a career. Coming from a family of doctors, the native of Roslyn, New York, grew up with aspirations of becoming a physician or a dentist. At Vanderbilt, she earned a degree in Medicine, Health and Society and completed internships in medical offices.

“I enjoyed the pre-med course work,” Andie says, “but when I began actually shadowing different doctors, I realized that a medical career was not for me.”

Fortunately, Andie had heard about Vanderbilt’s MAcc degree, so she spoke to some students in the program. “They told me that having a CPA and a background in public accounting would be the perfect way to launch a career in business and would give me career flexibility,” she says. “The program was perfect for me, since I could get a Masters and a CPA in one year, even though I hadn’t taken many accounting classes previously.”

Though she loved spending an extra year in Nashville — “there are so many exciting things to do,” she says — Andie is also excited about moving to San Francisco for the position she accepted with Deloitte. “In 10 years,” she says, “I hope to still be with Deloitte or working within financial services.” Her new, jump-started career is playing out just as she had hoped when she first enrolled at Owen.

What she didn’t expect, she says, is how much she would enjoy the program. “I knew I would learn a lot and get a great job, but I didn’t realize I would also have such a great year while completing it.”