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Becoming a ‘Manager of Doers’

Data analyst learns to go beyond the data

Andrew Anglemyer
Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vanderbilt MM Health Care 2015

Unlike most MMHC students, Andrew Anglemyer entered the program with no clinical health care experience. His background is in data.

Before coming to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2012, Andrew served as VP of Analytics for a local hedge fund/equity analyst firm. At VUMC, where he works as an internal consultant, he says his role is to “bridge the gap between data and operations. My department focuses on building dashboards—data visualization tools—to help leadership operate more efficiently, both financially and operationally.”

For Andrew, the MMHC program was an opportunity to gain more operational knowledge of health care. “I have a strong background in data analysis,” he explains, “but I knew I was lacking the experience in applying the data. Not only do I want to understand the data, I want to learn how to leverage my data experience and bring about operational and financial change in an organization.”

The program, which Andrew describes as “manageably difficult,” has helped him meet his goal. But he believes it has also given him new expertise he can apply anywhere. “One of the most important skills I’ve gained is moving from a doer to a manager of doers,” he says. Through the program, he also has enjoyed the opportunity to build a network of health care professionals.

In fact, Andrew has given the MMHC program the ultimate endorsement. He has urged two members of his team to apply for next year’s class.