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Balancing Time and Building a Network

Marketer takes advantage of name ‘known around the world’

Barrett Guttell
Marketing Coordinator, Centerbase

Vanderbilt Master of Marketing 2022

Once she decided that she wanted to build on the IMC degree she earned from journalism school in college and to pursue “a more data-driven approach to marketing,” the choice for Barrett Guttell was fairly easy.

“Vanderbilt,” says the Austin, Texas, native, “is known all around the world. The connections are truly endless. I knew the Vanderbilt network would be the key to my success throughout the year [in the Master of Marketing program] and job search. I knew Vanderbilt was the best choice for my career path. You are also in Nashville, which is one of the hottest locations for people in their mid-20s. It was a city I could stay in, if I wanted, for a career after graduate school.”

Once she arrived on campus, Barrett discovered that Vanderbilt alumni—along with students in other programs at Owen—not only provided extensive connections but an eagerness to assist her that went beyond her expectations. “Networking with Owen alums has been incredible,” she says. “Just the phrase ‘I am an Owen student’ earns you respect and understanding among alumni. They want to help you in any way they can with the job search.”

Balancing her time—she completed two internships during graduate school while networking, searching for jobs, completing course work, making new friends, attending Closing Bell on Thursday evenings, trying new restaurants in Nashville, hearing live music, and taking her dog, Bruce, to the dog park near campus—was both Barrett’s biggest challenge and the accomplishment of which she is most proud during her time in the program. She wouldn’t trade any of it.

“Take advantage of everything,” she advises. “You have so little time at Owen, and you want to make the most of it. Get to know your professors; they genuinely want to get to know you and help you. Invest in relationships with your peers in the program. The program will challenge you, but a support will help you through it all. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Fun Fact: Barrett has helped take care of elephants on a reservation in Thailand.

Vanderbilt is known all around the world. The connections are truly endless.