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Making Up for Lost Time

After a late career decision, Cameron Toler gets a jump start

Cameron Toler
Investment Banking Analyst, TripleTree Merchant Bank
Private Equity Analyst, Connor Capital SB

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2017

Cameron Toler made a late decision about a career in finance. Then he decided to jump-start it at Vanderbilt.

Cameron, who grew up on the Central California coast, didn’t develop an interest in finance until his senior year in college. Then, he said, “I realized I really had a passion for it.”

After considering several alternatives, Cameron concluded that “an MSF seemed like the best and most immediate path to begin a career in finance.” He began narrowing down his choice of programs, searching for one that was smaller in size, with active involvement by students, a strong ranking and excellent placement statistics.

Vanderbilt met all those criteria and more. “I was really swayed to Owen by the program directors and MSF career coach,” he says. “The level of involvement and passion they had for the program were very impressive. When I visited, the students seemed to be a very tight-knit group and spoke highly of their experience.”

His own experience lived up to those elevated expectations. “I have learned a ton beyond just the classroom,” Cameron says. “My undergrad education didn’t teach me anything about networking, the job search, or the fundamentals of business writing. The Owen curriculum is great preparation for the business world, especially for those who come from an undergraduate program that doesn’t emphasize group work and collaboration.

“And the program directors and career coach put a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring you are prepared for a career in finance. They don’t let you fall behind and are always there if you need help or guidance.”

Fun Fact: An avid outdoors person, Cameron as a child enjoyed hunting, fishing, horseback riding and snow skiing on his family’s Montana cattle ranch.

"They don't let you fall behind and are always there if you need help or guidance."