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Gaining Global Responsibility

Auto industry exec sees big career payoff in year one

Carlos Sanchez Osorio
Executive Director of Global Quality, Shiloh Industries and Dura Automotive Systems LLC

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2019

Carlos Sanchez Osorio had heard that Vanderbilt Executive MBA students can apply what they learn in the classroom to their job responsibilities right away. Early on in the program, he found out for himself that it’s true.

In 2017, after beginning his EMBA studies, Carlos made a big change in his career, moving from an operational role to a global business unit-level role that spans five countries. During the process of interviewing for his new position, he says, “I was able to explain things gone wrong and things gone right in my area through economics and accounting principles, and to propose strategies and possible solutions to challenges in my current role. 

“I would not have been able to speak the business vernacular in such a clear way and explain key concepts if it had not been for my economics and accounting classes. I also addressed some of the challenges that would present themselves in the new position, both from a leadership and business ethics perspective, and have been able to show performance improvements through statistical methods.”

In these ways and others, the program is addressing the key motivator behind Carlos’ enrollment: “I needed some help to go from meeting expectations to becoming a top performer in my field and to open myself for different career opportunities.”

The alternating Saturday format, he says, “is hard to beat, and a considerable advantage for people who have to balance a hectic work and travel schedule.” He and three other Executive MBA students carpool from Huntsville, Alabama, using the commute time to discuss class subjects or simply share a conversation.

All in all, the experience has been “life changing,” Carlos says. “I never imagined I would learn this much in such a short time.

“[At Owen] you will find incredibly good teachers with the highest credentials and the most interesting real-world experience. You will be challenged, and you will discover and develop skills you did not have or did not know you had, and you will have a lot of fun in the process.”

 "I never imagined I would learn this much in such a short time.”