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Mastering the Art of Marketing

Caroline Leonard finds her course

Caroline Leonard
Brand Builder, Campbell Soup Company

Vanderbilt MBA 2012

In today’s job market, what can you do with a degree in art history? Follow Caroline Leonard’s lead.

Caroline, whose undergraduate honors thesis at the University of North Carolina dealt with 19th century French art, spent the year after college working in an art gallery and applying to business schools. During that process, Vanderbilt became her top choice.

“No matter where you go, the Vanderbilt names opens doors and opportunities,” she says. “I wanted a top-tier school with professors who are leaders in their fields, but I also wanted a supportive community in a thriving city. Owen checked all those boxes and then some. I also wanted a smaller school where I could build relationships and get individual attention from professors and career coaches.

“And Nashville is a wonderful city with world-class restaurants, live music every night, history, art and an affordable cost of living. What more do you need?”

As she pursued her specialization in Marketing and HOP, Caroline, an identical twin, stood out. She earned a merit scholarship award, served as a teaching assistant in three courses, and became president of 100% Owen, a student-run community service organization. After graduation, she won a position with Campbell Soup Company in Camden, New Jersey, just 10 minutes from her new home in Philadelphia.

“My Owen experience was one of extraordinary discovery,” she says. “A Vanderbilt MBA took an art history major and helped her become a marketing executive at one of the world’s most iconic brands. I’ve gotten to prove what I am capable of and gained the confidence to take on the world.”