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Moving Back to a Jump-Started Career

Chad Moss makes MAcc his pathway to business in his old hometown

Charles "Chad" Moss
Financial Analyst, Mainsail, Birmingham, AL

Vanderbilt MAcc 2017

As someone who grew up there, Chad Moss already thought of Nashville as a city that “is hard to beat as a place to continue your education and earn your Master’s degree.” And he already knew of Vanderbilt’s academic reputation.

So Owen seemed like a natural choice, considering his view that “getting a Master’s degree in accounting would not only be a great way to start my career but a way to open doors to many different career opportunities, while exposing me to all kinds of business models and strategies.”  

At Vanderbilt, Chad particularly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know (and learn from) not only his classmates in the MAcc program but students in the MBA, MS Finance and MMarketing programs as well. Outside the walls of Owen, he also enjoyed opportunities to take part in Vanderbilt intramural sports — he was a varsity athlete in both high school and college — and to go with fellow students to Nashville Predators hockey games during a season that saw the team reach the Stanley Cup finals.

Along with equipping him with a thorough knowledge of accounting, Chad says, “My experience in the MAcc program has reinforced the concepts of communication and collaboration that sports taught me while I was growing up and in my undergraduate years. It has given me a definite starting point for my career and a way for me to work my way up and be successful.”

Fun Fact: Chad was a collegiate baseball player at Davidson.

“Nashville is hard to beat as a place to continue your education.”