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Medtronic manager finds value and validation at Vanderbilt

Christy Brown
District Manager ("Heartland" area), Medtronic

Vanderbilt MM Health Care 2018

Initially, Christy Brown was a bit nervous to be the first person from the sales industry in the MMHC program. (As a Senior Sales Representative and Field Training of InterStim therapy, which involves sacral neuromodulation, Christy works with both hospitals and medical practices on how to increase operating efficiencies and market share.)

But her experience surprised her and helped her quickly overcome any anxiety about her background. “I was welcomed and seen as a true asset to the class,” says Christy, who had graduated from Vanderbilt with majors in biomedical engineering and math. “My peers shared their excitement to hear the broader, more national perspective that I could bring.”

Christy found that the differing backgrounds of her classmates helped her even more. “With such a variety of players in the classroom,” she says, “I got unique perspectives that are real-world.”

She chose Vanderbilt not just because the school was her alma mater but also because “I wanted a business program that was specific to health care and that I could do in person,” she says. “I wanted the ability to interact and build relationships with my peers. Owen’s ranking was another consideration. I wanted much more than just to have a general MBA that could be done online.”

She believes that her experience in the program validated her choice. Her capstone project team, which included two pharmacists and a bariatric surgeon, worked on a pathway to give physicians a standardized way to treat obesity. Through the Leadership Development Program, she says, “I have gained skills that go beyond what other corporate programs, seminars or conferences can provide. Individualized coaching has helped me to define more specifically what kind of leader I am and how I will lead in the future.”

Most of all, her choice has been validated by on-the-job results. “I am now supremely equipped to be a leader within my organization,” she says. “I believe my return (on investment) will happen even within the next year or two.”

Fun Fact: Christy and her husband Matt love whitewater kayaking, road biking, golf and travel (that is, when they’re not spending time with their four-year-old daughter). Christy is also a Double Dore!

“With such a variety of players in the classroom, I got unique perspectives that are real-world.”