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David Noel: Relaunching His Career

Accelerator provided confidence and a network for a move into digital strategy consulting

David Noel
Monetization Strategy & Operations, TikTok

Vanderbilt Accelerator 2015

Two years after graduating from the University of Central Florida with an economics degree, David Noel had a promising start to his career. But he still wasn't sure what he wanted his career to be. Working as a financial analyst for a multinational bank left him feeling unsatisfied and unchallenged, says the Miami native, whose parents were born in Haiti. I was looking for something more. Toward that end, David decided to invest 30 days in Accelerator. It was an experience, he believed, that would get me completely out of my comfort zone and engage me in learning at an exponential pace. What he learned was much more than he had gleaned from his earlier work.

The Accelerator experience felt very much like being a consultant, says David. It's a very fast-paced environment. You're producing high-quality work under high-pressure deadlines. After Accelerator, in fact, digital strategy consulting is what David chose to pursue as the next direction for his career. Even more than the focus on just-in-time learning, the group projects, the exposure to many facets of business, and the opportunity to spend time in Nashville, David says he especially values what he learned about others and about himself.

He put his Accelerator experience to good use through a company he founded Power Circle (www.powercircle.com) which is aimed at being an influencer marketing platform for socially conscious brands and millennials. Accelerator, he says, showed me the importance of the quality of your network. Being surrounded by smart and successful people will open up doors for you. And second: No matter where you come from, you can soar. Never doubt your abilities. Push yourself and do things outside your comfort zone.

[I knew Accelerator would] get me completely out of my comfort zone and engage me in learning at an exponential pace.